Internal Geography Assessment at ISSH

In September,  the students and I went on a field trip to the Rhine Falls to collect data and information. Divided into groups, they investigated economic and environmental impacts of tourism as well as the touristic frequentation of the site.

After more than a year without class trips or outside events, it was appreciable to spend this day with them, outside of the classroom, and we had a wonderful day.  After the data was collected, students wrote a report of around 2.500 words, which will represent a third of their overall grade for Geography. Our current DP2 cohort did a fantastic job. I’ve had the pleasure to read their interesting findings and analysis in their reports before they are submitted to the IB. We look forward to another year of strong results when they are announced in the summer. 

 908-img1-Internal-geography-assessment-at-issh Internal Geography Assessment at ISSH

by Céline Duclos 

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