Instructional Coaching Partnerships at KIS

At Korea International School’s elementary school, a shift to a coaching model creates new partnerships between the math specialist and classroom teachers. With guidance from elementary associate principal Ana Allen, Claire Choi reimagined the role of math specialist. She wants to make math accessible and relevant to all students. Ms. Choi works with small groups or individuals to target skills growth and her collaboration with teachers benefits even more students. Her math expertise is welcome. Using the Eureka math curriculum, Ms. Choi develops a range of teaching and learning strategies specific to a class need.

Instructional coach Susie Scanlan believes all teachers benefit from collaboration. As a classroom teacher, Ms. Scanlan regularly asked a colleague for their feedback on her ideas. That professional sharpening continues as a coach. When Ms. Scanlan or Ms. Choi partners with teachers, they learn too – all to the benefit of students.

 820-img1-Instructional-coaching-partnerships-at-kis Instructional Coaching Partnerships at KIS

Ms. Choi isn’t the only elementary specialist position to evolve into more of a coaching role. Literacy support relies on co-teaching and collaboration to provide students with an inclusive experience. Elementary technology specialist Stefanie Nitta also works with teachers to integrate purposeful technology into classroom learning. 

 820-img2-Instructional-coaching-partnerships-at-kis Instructional Coaching Partnerships at KIS

The dynamic of instructional coaching at KIS encourages collaboration, openness, and the expectation that we can all learn from one another.

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