How Can I Take AP Courses from Home?

Many high schools in the US and Canada offer minimal or no AP courses at all, leaving ambitious students and top college hopefuls with little support. CGA offers students the ability to graduate from our year-long accelerated courses with Advanced Placement (AP) all from the comfort of their own homes.

What is Crimson Global Academy?

Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is a fully registered online high school delivering live, world-class courses to students right in their own homes! CGA in the United States and Canada is designed for students to enroll part-time in addition to their standard schooling.

Our classes are taught exclusively by registered trained teachers — not tutors. With no more than 12 students per class, our classrooms allow students to receive individualized support from an experienced teacher hired for their proven efficacy and results.

Our synchronous classes are delivered live, in real-time. Students participate in small, discussion-based classrooms that are optimized for learning and engagement. Our 24/7 class timetable enables students to enroll from anywhere in the world and accommodates learners with significant out-of-class athletic and artistic pursuits.

Who Can Attend Crimson Global Academy?

Students are placed into courses by their readiness and maturity, not solely by their age or grade level. CGA is designed for high-school-aged students but exceptions may be made for academically gifted learners.

For example, if you’re a sophomore eager to learn more about physics but your school won’t let you register for AP Physics until junior year, you can get ahead and take the course with CGA!

CGA offers a truly global classroom with incredibly diverse classmates! Learn alongside fellow high-achieving students from all over the world that bring unique perspectives that will challenge you to think outside your box and foster international friendships. Our CGA students are currently studying from Australia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UAE, UK, Ukraine, and the United States.

The Crimson Global Academy Classroom

Grounded in proven educational methodologies, CGA uses the best in class technology to provide a rich online experience for our students and teachers. Our technology resources are unmatched by a brick-and-mortar secondary school due to our start as an education technology company.

Led by our Chief Technology Officer and a 25+ member team of developers and designers, we are constantly improving the experience for our students and teachers. Through the most advanced video conferencing and classroom tools, students and teachers have the ability to interact through live-polls and quizzes, break-out into smaller groups for collaboration, message, and chat to provide input and feedback in real-time, and use the interactive white-boarding tool to animate, annotate and collaborate with peers. All of the classes are recorded, allowing students to easily catch up following an illness or other justified absence.

The authenticity of internal assessments and work will be verified through the latest anti-plagiarism tools as found in leading universities, while all external exams are carried out in secure, physical examinations centers, pre-vetted, and registered with international awarding agencies.

Support at CGA

Traditionally, online high schools don’t offer the same support and community as traditional brick-and-mortar schools. However, with CGA, this isn’t the case!

Through our online CGA community hub, students are able to connect and build strong relationships around interests, passions, and personalities. The platform includes access to experts and school staff a rich online community.

CGA students are provided with world-class support in career and university counseling. Students have access to experienced admissions experts through Crimson Education, as well as industry contacts. CGA is built on the foundations of Crimson Education, the world’s leading university admissions consultancy. Students get access to Crimson’s 2,000+ global network of college admissions experts, leading tutors, and extracurricular activities.

Previously, these contacts have included former university admissions officers, Crimson alumni who have gained admissions into competitive scholarships, universities, and companies beyond their schooling career, and also outreach representatives from companies like Y Combinator and PwC.

We provide students with full support in preparing school university admissions documents, including an official transcript, recommendation letters, and direct admissions counselor communications to universities.

In addition to guidance and college counseling, CGA students also receive access to a trained and certified teen psychologist. Through CGA’s global network, we run regular social development programs as well as provide access to private and confidential counseling sessions for our students. Parents are welcome to enquire about our social services and meet directly with our Deans should they wish. Feel free to reach out for more information!

Extracurricular Opportunities at CGA

CGA students will have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities, including exclusive and fast-track access to some of the 1,700+ extracurricular opportunities featured on

Clubs and student groups are largely run by the student body. New clubs and groups can be formed following a registration process involving a student leader, parent supporter, and approval by the school dean. Examples include: CGA Speech and Debate Club, the Biology Olympiad, Remote Internships, Crimson Research Institute, and International Tours (when safe to resume). There is also the opportunity for students to enter and compete in a variety of competitions! CGA offers students the possibility to get involved in Academic Olympiads, Harvard CBE Sustainability Awards, American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, Summer Science Program, and Microsoft Imagine Cup, among others.

Our World-Class Teachers

CGA’s Academic team has an outstanding track record of performance and experience! The Academic team has an average teaching experience of over 20+ years in leading schools from around the world, with qualifications from the world’s top universities, such as Cambridge.

Our Academic staff have tutored for National Olympiad teams, taught students that achieved the Top in the Country and/or in the World for relevant subjects, taught students with perfect scores for the SATs, and more. Their dedication, depth, and passion for teaching inspires and builds confidence in students to achieve their potential.

Our teaching team has an average of 20+ years of teaching experience, across 5 different countries… Talk about a global academy!

Leveling Up in High School

When applying to universities in the US, Advanced Placement courses and strong AP test scores can provide a significant advantage — especially if your sights are set on the Ivy League or similarly competitive schools. Read on to learn about the benefits of AP classes, how many to take, and how international students can access AP curricula from anywhere in the world!

AP classes differ from traditional classes in the sense that they are designed to prepare students for a standardized test each spring that’s developed by the CollegeBoard with the goal of demonstrating a student’s comprehension of college-level subjects. The standardization ensures that every student who passes the AP exam is actually able to keep up with college-level coursework!

Learn more here about how many APs you should take!

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CGA is an online high school, connecting students with top faculty in small, virtual classrooms. Students join global peers, studying the A-Level, AS-Level, International GCSE curriculum as well as the Advanced Placement (AP) qualification. We are synchronous. Our small, virtual classrooms are ‘live’ no matter where you live in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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