Graduates of Dwight Global Online School Head to Top Colleges and Universities Worldwide

For college-bound high schoolers, the college search process can be tremendously exciting, and an affirmation of the student’s dedicated efforts in and out of school. With proper guidance and advice along the way, the search process can also be rewardingly successful for both students and their families.

Dwight Global Online School’s college counseling team, faculty, and administrators excel at making the process as smooth as possible, and their expertise pays off with stellar outcomes for graduates.

A premier online independent school part of the Dwight Schools Global Network, Dwight Global is ranked #2 Best Online High School in the Americas by Newsweek, and has a strong academic program that includes the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program as well as Advanced Placement classes and many college preparatory electives.

Global Reach

Many Dwight Global students are multinational and multilingual, and all Dwight Global students pursue higher education pathways as unique as their academic and personal lives.

In 2023, as in past years, Dwight Global students earned admittance to a wide variety of colleges and universities all over the globe, according to Dwight Global’s Director of College Counseling Megan Miller. “They range from residential liberal arts colleges in the United States to large research universities abroad, and everything in between,” she said.

This year’s matriculations include: American University, University of Arizona, Bard College, Barnard College, Berklee College of Music, Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University, Brown University, Bucknell University, Butler University, University of California Davis, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Case Western University, University College London, University of Colorado Denver, Columbia University, Drexel University, Emory University, Fordham University, Furman University, George Washington University, Harvard University, Howard University, Loyola Marymount University, University of Maryland, Marymount Manhattan College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGill University, University of Miami, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, New York University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Oregon State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Princeton University, University of Rochester, Rutgers University (New Brunswick), University of Southern California, Syracuse University, Trinity University, Washington University in St Louis, University of Wisconsin, Wellesley College, and Williams College.

Dwight Global’s college counseling team members share experiences that collectively span decades. They have expertise in university admissions globally, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and Asia. Each counselor is skilled at helping identify the college or university that is the best fit based on each student’s academic profile, personal interests, and aspirations.

Finding the Right Fit

The diversity of college programs Dwight Global students attend is a result of consistent, expert support to find the right fit for each student. Ms. Miller and her college counseling team begin working with Dwight Global students as early as ninth grade.

Comprehensive programming occurs throughout the year for both parents and students, to ensure they have an informed understanding of the selective college admissions environment, and a strategic timeline for each step of the process.

College counseling runs continually through each summer, too, Ms. Miller said. “We provide numerous workshops in June, and office hours in August, as well as individual meetings for our rising seniors. We also offer several programs in the fall for students and parents to engage directly with college admission representatives.”

College counseling programming includes financial aid and resources for US and UCAS applications, and workshops highlighting special programs and the benefits of each type of higher education institution. “Our focus is on supporting students in finding their right match,” said Ms. Miller.

In recent years, more students are applying outside of the United States. The opportunity to engage in a global discourse, the financial incentives, and focused programs and specialties during a student’s undergraduate study years are just a few factors for the uptick, Ms. Miller said.

Student Success Story

Dwight Global 2023 graduate Aderet Twersky said she had a very positive experience and is pleased with her plans for the coming year.
“I am from New York City and had only joined Dwight Global during my senior year of high school. Despite the short notice, my college counselor offered to meet with me in person during August before the start of the school year. She made it her mission over the course of those first couple months to get to know me in order to best guide me during the difficult process. She was there for me whenever I needed her and jumped on numerous last minute calls in order to help me with the smallest of details, in order to ensure I didn’t feel overwhelmed.”
“She went above and beyond to research university programs she thought would best suit me,” continued Aderet. “In the end, and all thanks to her help, I got accepted to NYU through the Global Liberal Studies program and will be attending shortly after I take a gap semester in Tel Aviv, where I will work with a record label in an internship. As a singer songwriter, I’m trying to get as much experience as I can from all aspects of the industry,” she said.

“Our focus is and always will be on the student and the student narrative,” said Ms. Miller. “Dwight Global’s impressive college preparatory curriculum and global community of change-makers continue to make our students strong applicants even in a very competitive environment.”

By Caroline Crosson Gilpin

Written by

Dwight Global Online School

Dwight Global Online School

Dwight Global Online School is the cloud campus of Dwight School, founded in 1872 in New York City. Ranked #2 online high school in the Americas, Dwight Global is an accredited private school that blends online, on-campus, and residential learning experiences, allowing students to pursue a personalized program in grades 6-12. With flexible scheduling and the ability to join synchronous classes from anywhere in the world, students can pursue both rigorous academics and their spark of genius in athletics, performing arts, or wherever their passions lead them. Dwight Global students may visit and study at any of the Dwight Global Network of Schools campuses: New York, London, Shanghai, Seoul, Dubai, and Hanoi. Experienced college counselors guide Dwight Global students in exploring and discovering academic, extracurricular and career interests leading them to find the college that is the best match for each student. Graduates attend a wide range of schools from smaller liberal arts colleges to large private and state research institutions to colleges and universities from across the globe.

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