Grade 6 children find ways to give back despite COVID

Upper Elementary School (UES) children work towards their CASS badges, earning credits for Community, Activity, Sport and Service. While many of the regular ways the children collect credits have been withdrawn in our current COVID-19 restrictions, that didn’t hinder them from looking for other opportunities to help people.

Over the Christmas break Kate and JoJo from Grade 6 heard about the US Navy vessels stranded outside Singapore. They responded with a drive among friends and relatives for Christmas cards and small Christmas gifts. The officers were really touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity shown and they sent the girls a coin as a token of their appreciation.

 597-img1-Grade-6-children-find-ways-to-give-back-despite-covid Grade 6 children find ways to give back despite COVID

Aiden and Liam, also from Grade 6, have likewise been thinking of others as they try to cope with social distancing measures. In an effort to get their classmates moving through Easter holidays, the boys ran a 35K Step challenge raising over $500 for Children’s Wishing Well.

 597-img2-Grade-6-children-find-ways-to-give-back-despite-covid Grade 6 children find ways to give back despite COVID

Children’s Wishing Well shared in their social media pages: “We are extremely heartened to know that age is certainly not a barrier to giving back to the disadvantaged in the community. Thank you so much to our young friends, Aiden and Liam, for going the extra mile beyond their school commitments, and planning a charity fundraiser in their school holidays.”

Well done to our UES children!

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