Grade 10 Students at ISSH Unveil Diverse Projects in New Auditorium

The students at ISSH presented their Grade 10 Projects in the recently inaugurated school auditorium. Each student chose a subject of personal interest and developed and consolidated the projects at the outset of the 10th school year. Expert guidance was received from teachers well-versed in the subject matter, focusing on the development of skills in self-management, research, communication, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking.

The significance of the final project extends beyond mere academic achievement; it also guides students toward future pursuits. Some students, inspired by their projects, continue refining their creations beyond the tenth grade, potentially influencing their subsequent studies or careers.

The diversity of interests among the tenth-grade students was vividly illustrated through their various projects. From designing plans for a sustainable office building with aspirations to become an architect to delving into the intricacies of shoulder surgery with dreams of becoming a surgeon. From exploring the study of criminology through the examination of “Stockholm Syndrome” in past crimes to developing a global cookbook with a Turkish influence by our 10th-grade boarding student, the range of projects reflected the multifaceted talents and aspirations of the students.

Ozgu K., elaborates on her Grade 10 project at ISSH by saying,“ This year I came to ISSH as an international student from Turkiye in the boarding program. There are eight other students in the boarding house all from different countries and cultures. We all became a family and we learned about each other’s traditions. Moreover, we tried each other’s food and became closer as we realized our similarities. In the boarding house, I made lots of unforgettable memories which inspired my project. Each recipe I included in the book represents a favorite meal or snack of each of my friends from the boarding house.”

The Grade 10 Project not only showcased academic prowess but also fostered a holistic learning environment, preparing students for diverse future endeavors.

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ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH is a place where students feel at home away from home. The international day and boarding school is renowned for its family-like atmosphere. It is located in the northern part of Switzerland, 35 minutes from Zurich airport. The ISSH strives to develop young people to their full potential. Lifelong learning, confidence and open-mindedness are not just words but values and attitudes which stay with ISSH students for life and provide a strong foundation for their success. Schaffhausen is a small, safe and charming city with much to offer to students and their families.

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