Four ways teachers can help your child to meet their university expectations

Making the grades, creating the best university application possible, and deciding what the future looks; students encounter some of their biggest academic decisions and experiences in their final years of school – but they aren’t expected to do this alone. Ensuring your child has a community of experienced staff and teachers who work with them to navigate the journey are a pivotal piece of the puzzle. Here are a few of the ways teachers can offer their support and guidance.

Planning pathways

From choosing six IBDP subjects to deciding a topic for the extended essay, in Year 11 and 12 students are given a far greater level of responsibility for shaping what they want to study than they have experienced before in earlier school years. To help them enjoy and make the most of this opportunity, teachers should work directly with every student to guide them through choosing their areas of study. Particular subjects are complementary to certain degrees, so your child’s Head of Year should hold sessions with them frequently to help them think about how their subject choices can work to the advantage of their university aspirations.

 609-img1-4-ways-teachers-can-help-meet-university-expectations Four ways teachers can help your child to meet their university expectations

Bringing subjects to life

If teachers have their own experiences of studying at some of the world’s best institutes, this can be a huge advantage. It means when students are considering university subjects, they can be guided by those who have studied all over the world and are experts in what is involved in studying that subject at university. Having teachers who are not only experienced in the IBDP but who also have a lived experience of what quality university study is like ensures students receive a high level of insight.

University applications which stand out

Top universities ask for more than great grades from prospective students. Look for a school where teachers are experts in helping students to build competitive university applications by encouraging them to explore their interests and hobbies beyond the classroom. From the lower school years through to Year 12 and 13, teachers can proactively encourage students to pursue extra-curricular activities which will make all of the difference when it comes to applying for university.

 609-img2-4-ways-teachers-can-help-meet-university-expectations Four ways teachers can help your child to meet their university expectations

Inspiring international experiences

Being part of the Nord Anglia family means your child has the opportunity to be connected with other teachers within our global network. With 73 schools in 30 countries around the world, we have an extensive community of teachers and university counsellors who can explain the university application systems in their country and give students a real feel for what university is like there. Guiding your child to apply and secure a place at a university in which they will thrive is our priority at Regents.

To find out more please contact our Admissions team who are more than happy to help you learn more about Regents and to guide you through the Admissions process for your child.

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