Find out about the core values of Ebru Güver, the new Head of School at the International School of Schaffhausen

The new Head of School Ebru Güver, originally from Türkiye and raised in Berlin, possesses a profound devotion to learning. Her journey led her to attain degrees in both political and pedagogical science, fostering a deep appreciation for the transformative power of education in shaping lives.

During her two decades at the International School of Schaffhausen, Ebru’s commitment to teaching radiated brightly. She dedicated herself to teaching German and became a cherished figure among both students and colleagues. Her passion lies in nurturing young minds and cultivating a genuine love for languages.

Ebru’s influence extended further when she assumed the role of Middle School Principal. Her steadfast commitment to embracing individuality, promoting personal responsibility, and unlocking the unique potential within each student closely mirrored the school’s core values.

As she steps into her new role, Ebru Guver injects a fresh perspective and extensive experience into her leadership. Her vision for the school is to build upon its established foundation, creating an environment where every student can thrive. She envisions a school that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters curiosity, empathy, and a commitment to positive change.

At the heart of Ebru’s philosophy is the belief in fostering trusting relationships between teachers and students, recognizing the person within each student. She places a high value on respectful communication and acceptance, as these principles are instrumental in supporting student education and unlocking their full potential. Ebru understands that instilling confidence is a crucial factor in helping students pursue their life goals.

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ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH is a place where students feel at home away from home. The international day and boarding school is renowned for its family-like atmosphere. It is located in the northern part of Switzerland, 35 minutes from Zurich airport. The ISSH strives to develop young people to their full potential. Lifelong learning, confidence and open-mindedness are not just words but values and attitudes which stay with ISSH students for life and provide a strong foundation for their success. Schaffhausen is a small, safe and charming city with much to offer to students and their families.

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