3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Online School

Online schooling is an amazing way for students to get a high-quality, flexible, individualised education that truly supports them to thrive. Of course, not all online schools are made equal.

To get the best virtual education experience for your child, it’s crucial that you choose the right online school. Naturally, the process of browsing schools online is a little different to selecting a traditional school; you won’t be touring them in-person, for example. You can, however, attend virtual open days, talk with teachers through phone calls and email, and peruse the school’s website to ensure you’re making the best decision.

But what should you look out for when you’re making your choice? Here are three must-have qualities the best online schools should bring to your child.

1. Years of experience

Since COVID-19 swept the world, many new online schools have opened up around the world. However, you may be surprised to learn that online education began long before the pandemic. When you’re choosing a school for your child, look out for experience.

An online school with many years of experience will have the best understanding of how to deliver high-quality virtual learning. Well-established schools have already taught thousands of students online, so they know how to engage and educate each individual child. It takes many years for online schools gain valuable knowledge and insight on learning styles, educational technology, and more. As such, choosing a long-running online school ensures your child will be supported in the best way possible.

2. A respected curriculum

If you want your child to be prepared for a bright future ahead, you need to choose an online school that teaches a strong curriculum. For starters, you’ll want your child to gain a broad and comprehensive knowledge of subjects across the spectrum, from languages to sciences. On top of that, it’s also important that your child studies for respected qualifications they can use to get into the best universities and reach the top careers.

The National Curriculum in England is one prime example of a world-respected scheme of learning. The British curriculum is designed to guide children through consistent academic progress at every stage of their education, covering a wide range of subjects and skills. At the age of 16, students following the British curriculum take their GCSE examinations, later progressing on to A Levels. Both of these qualifications are recognized around the world, setting students up for any future they aspire to.

3. Social opportunities

The best online schools place importance on every aspect of a student’s development — including socialisation. While the main focus of school is learning, it’s just as important that children get the chance to talk with their classmates, improve their communication and confidence, and find friends.

That’s why you’ll want to choose an online school with plenty of social opportunities. On top of live, interactive lessons where students can work with their peers and teachers, look for ways to talk outside of the classroom. Clubs and co-curricular activities, a safe online chat platform, and optional in-person programmes are all great ways for children to get to know each other at online school and build close friendships that will last a lifetime.

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