WISS students awarded in the 2021 Art & Writing Competition #TigerPride

Today our Tiger Pride goes to two incredible students from Grade 8 who each created passionate and dedicated pieces of writing on the meaning of “hometown” and their unique interpretation of the word as a WISS Global Citizen.   

What springs to mind when you think about your hometown? Some view their hometown as a place of origin, or an eventual destination, while others consider it to be an experience on the journey that is life.  As an international school that plays host to students from all corners of the globe, the notion of a hometown is somewhat foreign.   

In international school communities, many families tend to be more nomadic and often travel to and live in different countries and cities, immersed in the local culture.  These families don’t tend to develop an overly emotional attachment to their current “home.”  Although a highly enriching experience for families.  

With over 45 nationalities and cultures, WISS is considered by our parents, students, faculty, and partners in the community as their international hometown, one that embraces the diversity and respects the cultures of those who call WISS home.   

Gavin and Jack are two WISS students from Grade 8 who have a shared passion – they shape their thoughts by creating beautiful words. When we asked them to participate in the recent writing competition run by Shanghai Family, they were happy to contribute and apply their skills. Like true WISSians, they explore every opportunity to develop their passions in learning and in life.  

Creative writing is one of the skills we encourage our students to develop during their time at WISS.   Guided by their Secondary English teacher, Ms. Rosalinda De Lima, both Jack and Gavin polished their writing skills and developed their style to produce beautiful stories that delight the emotions of their readers.  

We are proud to share with our community that Gavin and Jack have both been recognized and awarded in the Shanghai Family 2021 Art & Writing Competition. Jack writing won the Recognition Award, while Gavin was awarded Second Prize.  A great accomplishment! *Click here to read or download copies*

WISS nurtures Open-Minded and Reflective learners like Gavin and Jack.  Find out what other qualities students develop at WISS here.

 818-img3-WISS-students-awarded-in-art-writing-competition-tigerpride WISS students awarded in the 2021 Art & Writing Competition #TigerPride

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The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

The Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

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