WISS Launches Academic Advisory Programme

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, academic success plays a crucial role in shaping students’ future endeavors. Recognizing the importance of holistic education, the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) proudly presents its groundbreaking Academic Advisory Programme. Designed to cater to students from Grade 6 through Grade 12, this innovative initiative aims to provide comprehensive guidance and support that will empower students throughout their secondary school journey. Let’s delve into the numerous benefits and opportunities offered by this program.

Personalized Academic Support

At the heart of WISS’s Academic Advisory Programme lies the unique concept of assigning each family a dedicated Academic Advisor. These experienced professionals act as mentors, forging strong relationships with students and their families. By offering personalized guidance, Academic Advisors ensure that students receive the individual attention required to navigate their academic path successfully. From academic tracking to guidance and extension, students can rely on their advisor to provide ongoing support and foster their intellectual growth.

Key Milestone Assistance

Transitioning through different phases of education can be daunting for students. WISS’s Academic Advisory Programme recognizes this and offers substantial assistance during critical milestones in a student’s academic journey. Students in Grades 9, 10, and 11 receive invaluable guidance from their Academic Advisors when making subject selections. This tailored support not only helps align their strengths and interests but also ensures they meet the necessary requirements through college counseling and university guidance. This proactive approach empowers students to make well-informed decisions about their educational future.

College and University Preparation

Preparing for life beyond secondary school is a significant concern for both students and their families. WISS understands this and strives to equip students with the essential tools to succeed in their post-secondary education. Academic Advisors play a pivotal role in guiding students through the complex college application process, including essay writing, interview preparation, and scholarship opportunities. With their expertise and support, students gain a competitive edge and maximize their chances of securing admission to renowned institutions worldwide.

WISS Internship Programme

A distinguishing feature of the Academic Advisory Programme is the WISS Internship Programme. This exceptional offering provides students with unparalleled learning opportunities beyond the classroom. By collaborating with industry professionals and organizations, WISS facilitates internships that allow students to experience real-world scenarios, develop crucial skills, and explore their career aspirations. This exposure to the professional world offers students a unique advantage as they step into life beyond WISS and embark on their academic journey at higher education institutions or in the workforce.

The launch of Western International School of Shanghai’s Academic Advisory Programme marks a significant milestone in our schools’ commitment to fostering academic excellence and supporting students throughout their secondary school years. By providing personalized academic guidance, assisting in key milestones, and preparing students for post-secondary education, WISS ensures that each student receives the necessary tools and support to thrive academically and personally. The inclusion of the WISS Internship Programme further amplifies the opportunities available to students, nurturing their growth beyond traditional classroom education. As WISS continues to champion innovative approaches to education, the Academic Advisory Programme stands as a testament to its dedication to empowering students for lifelong success.

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