Why should my child apply for a scholarship?

Applying for scholarships can be overwhelming, but it’s worth the effort. Find out the many benefits of getting a scholarship.

Each academic year, many independent schools offer places for scholarship entry; we’re going to look at the real value of scholarship opportunities. For many, a scholarship is synonymous with fee remissions, making it a means to access a higher calibre of education. However, there are also many other reasons why scholarships are beneficial to talented children.

To receive a scholarship is a great honour. At Rugby School Thailand each scholarship recognises exceptional achievement, and the primary aim is to support the student’s talent in that area.

Scholarship students benefit from guidance from expert teaching staff who ensure they are pushed to achieve their full potential. At Rugby School Thailand, our scholars meet regularly as part of a like-minded talent group; the exposure to scholars of all ages within the School offers additional peer support and guidance, boosting personal growth.

As a School, we provide our scholars with forums to broaden their knowledge. For example, there is a scholar debating club, dedicated critical thinking and study skills provision, leadership challenges, and specialist talks from external speakers, such as political news editors, entrepreneurs, and space travel developers.

A scholarship is something a child can carry through life; it is an accolade that helps highly talented children to focus their studies and refine future goals. However, at Rugby School Thailand our ethos is ‘The Whole Person, The Whole Point’, which means we ensure each scholar’s development extends beyond a single linear path of talent. We offer a dynamic and well-rounded education that caters to the social, emotional, and physical development of each student, building a solid foundation for future success.

Rugby School Thailand is currently taking scholarship applications for Academic, Art, Drama, DT, Music and Sport, open to students coming into Years 7-12.

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Rugby School Thailand

Rugby School Thailand

Rugby School Thailand is an international day and boarding school, whose approach is based upon the world-renowned British private school model, and whose curriculum is drawn from the best of the England & Wales National Curriculum and the UK’s Independent Schools’ Curriculum. It is the first and only school to take the name of its prestigious parent, Rugby School (UK), which was founded 450 years ago and from where the world-famous sport originated.

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