Why is The IB Diploma Programme the right pathway before university abroad?

Most students from The British International School Abu Dhabi (BIS Abu Dhabi) have ambitions for moving abroad following the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme to study at university. Every year these graduates follow in the footsteps of alumni who have attended some of the world’s best universities, and whose success stories are inspiring proof of the exciting pathways which await them. BIS Abu Dhabi have prepared hundreds of past students for the transition from school to university, and have long perfected the recipe for ensuring them the best future international pathway. So, what’s key to setting them up for success?

Internationally recognised qualifications

In Years 12 and 13, BIS Abu Dhabi teaches their students the IB Diploma Programme. Unlike many schools which focus on A Levels, BIS Abu Dhabi favour the IB Diploma Programme for its worldwide prestige and the international pathways it opens up for their students. Popular university destinations, like the UK for example, will notice the IB Diploma Programme in university applications and recognise it as a particularly competitive qualification. Why is this?

First and foremost, it is a qualification known for preparing students far better for university study than any other. The IB Diploma Programme is specifically designed so that its core elements mimic the way university students study their degree. Through tasks like the extended essay, for example, students practice skills like independent research, thinking laterally and creatively, and exploring subjects so that they shape their own opinions. Studying the IB Diploma Programme results in students who do not simply repeat what they have been told and memorise answers for their exams – they thoroughly understand what it means, why it is important and how their learnings fit within a global context.

Nord Anglia global connections

The right qualification, and a stand-out university application, is one important element on the journey to university, but equally as important is our role in educating students about where they could study and what it will be like. The aim for every student is for them to leave BIS Abu Dhabi with well-placed expectations, and their questions around their university destination answered. The global Nord Anglia family they are part of is crucial to this.

Being involved in our global community of schools gives students the opportunity to access local support in the country of their university of choice. BIS Abu Dhabi students have attended universities from Oxford and Kings College London in the UK, University of Texas in the USA, to National University of Singapore in Singapore. In these countries and in a further 28, are have staff and alumni who work there and have attended university there. This wealth of knowledge is a valuable resource for students. Elsewhere, a student’s best understanding of their future university abroad may be its website. BIS Abu Dhabi can connect students with experienced individuals who can bring the university destination to life.

For more information into how BIS Abu Dhabi prepare students for the future, click here.

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