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Why boarding is the best preparation for university

There’s a lot to be said for experience being the best way to learn, but when it comes to waving your child off to university you probably want to know they are prepared. Here are some ways you can help prepare your child for such a big life leap.

Practical preparations
There are so many practicalities that will help your child be more self-sufficient from day one at university. Things like learning how to cook a few simple (healthy) meals, how to budget for general living, seeking part time job opportunities, finding accommodation and how to balance social life with study will all empower young adults… and give you peace of mind! In our Sixth Form we teach students these as part of a unique practical “University Preparation” programme.

In boarding, young people prepare for life beyond school with greater tolerance, respect and independence. At Rugby School Thailand, from the first years of boarding in Year 3, right up to the last in Sixth Form, we nurture the idea of independence in children. This is anything from cleaning away after yourself in the kitchen, to helping with laundry, to being more responsible for planning your own time in the evenings and at weekends. All this happens within the unique and supportive family of friends that boarders live in, which is a great introduction to the community living that they will encounter at university.

Work / Life balance
While you may want your child to focus solely on exams in the latter years of school, helping them to find a healthy work / life balance will stand them in much better stead for university. Senior School boarding is particularly helpful for this, as students live in a social environment and are expected to manage much of their own study time within that. University exposes children to an exciting new social life, day and night, so by allowing them to enjoy an active social life that off-sets their hard work will give them an innate understanding of the balance they need to strike: work hard to play hard!

Emotional development
A signature aspect of Rugby School Thailand’s education is the focus on development of character to make children into worldly adults with kindness, compassion, tolerance and resilience. Our expert pastoral leaders ensure the emotional wellbeing of all in their care. By developing characters in this way our students leave as confident and capable people who feel able to face the unknown challenges of life beyond school.

Find out more about Rugby School Thailand at our Sixth Form Open Evening on 24th February or at our whole school Open Morning on Friday 13th March.

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