What Sets Online School Apart from Pandemic Home Learning

While your child may have learned online during the pandemic, attending a true online school is a completely different experience.

Sadly, numerous students, teachers, and parents around the world struggled when schools were pushed into remote learning unexpectedly. At purpose-designed online schools, however, students have been thriving since long before the pandemic. Unlike emergency remote learning (which often lacked teacher input, quality resources, and social opportunities), virtual schools are specially designed to provide a high-quality, flexible, and exciting learning experience through the internet.

In fact, aside from the use of computers, online schooling has little in common with pandemic schooling at all. Here are just a few of the key differences that make online schools such a great place for students to learn, grow, and succeed.

Online schools are specially designed

Creating stellar online education requires more than simply transitioning the traditional classroom to a digital space. Learning activities that students love in-person, for example, don’t always work through a screen, and even the best teachers aren’t always equipped to teach over Zoom.

To provide virtual learning that truly benefits students, schools must follow specialist training, develop new methods of teaching, and collate or develop the best resources — which is exactly what the best online schools do.

Great online schools use a variety of methods and tools to keep students engaged and enthusiastic about learning, from interactive classes to the use of simulation technology. On top of their degrees and teaching qualifications, online school teachers must also undergo training in how to deliver the best education through the internet.

Online schools have social opportunities

If your child suffered from loneliness during the pandemic, they weren’t alone. Without the companionship of classmates throughout each school day, students around the world struggled to keep their moods and motivation up.

It wasn’t easy for traditional schools to set up safe and fun methods of socialisation during the pandemic, but the top online schools already have great systems in place. Building communication skills and making close friends is just as important to childhood development as learning in a classroom, so great online schools make their communities an integral part of daily life.

Virtual clubs and extra-curricular activities, for example, are a great way for students to meet peers who share their interests. Working together on these shared activities also helps children build their teamwork and leadership skills. Plus, some online schools set up safe and secure social networking platforms, allowing older students to chat with their classmates around the world.

Online schools are flexible

For many students, pandemic learning lacked flexibility when they needed it the most. COVID-19 turned families’ lives upside down, bringing unexpected changes to parents’ careers as well as daily living. Naturally, it wasn’t always easy for children and teens to balance these changes with the expectations of a rigid school day.

Of course, balancing life and school can be just as difficult under normal circumstances too. As such, true online schools make flexibility one of the core benefits students can enjoy every day.

Lesson recordings, for example, ensure every student can learn at their own pace without falling behind. While live and interactive lessons are a key element of great online learning, the best schools also record every class for 24/7 viewing.

With class recordings, students can fit their schoolwork around outside commitments, dreams and goals, or even just days when they’re feeling unwell. These recordings also help students solidify their learning in topics they struggle with, making them one of the best tools to master understanding.

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