Virtual Reality In The Classroom – A School of the Future

Immerse yourself in a completely new world at the touch of a button and experience lessons in a spectacular way! What was unthinkable just a short while ago has become reality at ISR International School on the Rhine located in Neuss and Düsseldorf.

Education Minister Yvonne Gebauer as well as Finance Minister Lutz Lienenkämper visited ISR a while ago and familiarized themselves with the modern facilities at ISR International School on the Rhine. “It is great that there is such an efficient school for so many students. Private schools are the pioneers in education, paving the way for what we want to promote in public schools,” Gebauer emphasized after her visit.

The vision of the “School of the Future” began at ISR International School on the Rhine in 2017. In addition to tablets, state-of-the-art computer labs and a 3D printer, the international school launched a pilot project a few years ago that had not previously existed in this form in Germany: virtual reality goggles in the classroom, which are used to optimally complement the students’ learning experience.

 620-img1-Virtual-reality-in-classroom-a-school-of-the-future Virtual Reality In The Classroom – A School of the Future

The VR glasses enable the students, for example, to stroll through ancient Rome in history class, to explore the solar system in physics class, and to conduct experiments in chemistry class that would not have been feasible without VR due to the dangers involved in mixing certain chemicals. Immersive education enriches traditional learning experiences in this regard. Students have the enriching opportunity to interactively experience learning material that would be outside their sensory perception, be too historical or simply too dangerous to learn within the classroom. The learning success is enormous. The pictorial visualization makes it easier for students to comprehend distances, sizes and anatomy, all without leaving their classrooms!

The pilot project of the international school, which was launched four years ago, is currently standard practice at ISR and complements the classroom activities in an optimal way. For several years, ISR International School on the Rhine has observed positive effects on the learning process through the targeted use of technology in the classroom – both on the motivation and creativity of the young people and on a cognitive and social level.

 620-img2-Virtual-reality-in-classroom-a-school-of-the-future Virtual Reality In The Classroom – A School of the Future

“I can imagine and remember things much better when I have seen them in front of me. In physics class, we calculated an experiment and could visually see the dam in front of us beforehand. That makes it easier to understand the lessons,” emphasizes Karlina, a senior at ISR.

In view of such experiences, which demonstrably also translate into better grades, an important goal of ISR is to continue to expand and further optimize its offerings in the future. The Corona crisis in particular has clearly shown how important digitalization in schools is, both public and private, and what risks are involved if digitalization does not reach the classrooms.

This makes it all the more important to digitalize learning content for students now and to make the learning an experience! An experience, that students at ISR have already learned to appreciate in class!

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