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There are many international day and boarding schools in Germany, but finding the right school for your child can be challenging. Take a look at our complete handpicked selection of German schools below to begin your search.

For all schools, you can filter by city and region. You can also filter based on cost and curriculum for more specific choices based on finances and education needs. When reviewing each school, you can see information such as the location and overall cost, but you can also view other details including languages, activities, the number of students, and much more.

Why Germany?

Germany is one of the most popular locations for international students, with some of the best international day and boarding schools. Students attending the ideal school will be able to benefit from a great education that gives them all of the resources needed to help them thrive.

There’s a lot of history and rich culture to be found in Germany, which makes it an excellent location for international students. There are also plenty of activities available for students to enjoy, whether they want to engage in outdoor sports and hike through the German wilderness, or spend their time in metropolitan areas like Munich and Berlin, which are easily accessible from campuses. Germany also offers some beautiful inspirational landscapes that make for a lively environment, from the lush forests spanning the country to the towering peaks of the Zugspitze and Watzmann mountain ranges.

The official language in Germany is German Deutsch, which is one of the most valuable to learn in the world. Students can learn German to serve as an invaluable skill later on, along with a deeper understanding of the German culture. Students may also be able to learn other languages while attending German international day or boarding schools, depending on the curriculum. Students also receive the support they need to make the most of their education and help them secure a successful future.

Students studying in Germany should learn based on an internationally recognized curriculum, which is why the schools we’ve picked offer the U.S. Curriculum, U.K. Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate.

Find the Right International Day or Boarding Schools in Germany

We know how crucial it is to find the right international day or boarding schools in Germany, which is why we offer help in the form of our education advisors. You can schedule a free consultation today by getting in touch with us.

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