Personal Projects 2024

Each year, our Grade 10 students embark on their Personal Projects, a six-month journey fuelled by their passions. They showcase their skills, interests, and achievements, honing learning approaches and consolidating knowledge within the IB MYP Programme. The highlight is the Personal Project Exhibition, where students proudly present their creative outcomes to the BBIS community.

We invite you to learn about some of our students’ inspiring projects.

“I made a comic about water resources in my home country, Uzbekistan, describing the living conditions without water in one of the cities of Uzbekistan, Ferghana. With the help of the comic, I want to raise awareness and highlight the importance of appreciating water.
WSPost-BBIS-Personal Projects-samia WSPost-BBIS-Personal Projects-samia Personal Projects 2024
“My personal project is a tapestry that I crocheted over the span of 50 hours depicting a famous photograph of the fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9 November 1989. I interviewed my family members on their recollections of the Berlin Wall and incorporated symbolism related to their experiences in my final tapestry.”

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“For my project, I redesigned my grandparents’ house in Argentina using concepts of sustainable design and construction. Through the months, I brainstormed ideas, exploring new concepts and changing the house for a better future.”

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“For my project, I raised over 1,000 EUR for the ‘Aktion Warmes Essen’ in Berlin Zehlendorf. I did this through hosting numerous snack actions during our lunch break at school. I sold everything from cookies, to loaf cakes, to freshly baked waffles. I also baked directly for the soup kitchen as well. I baked cake for over 80 people and then handed out this along with a warm meal to people in need. I really enjoyed my collaboration with the soup kitchen and I am proud of how I was able to support them.”

WSPost-BBIS-Personal Projects-magdalena WSPost-BBIS-Personal Projects-magdalena Personal Projects 2024

“For my Personal Project, I decided to create a short film that addresses the complex issues of sexual assault and societal culpability towards victims. To do so, I spent 2-3 months formulating a plot and script that accurately represented the realities of sexual assault victims, about 15 hours of filming and 3 weeks of work to edit the film into a coherent and powerful piece of media. This was an emotionally taxing project, but I believe I have learned a lot about filming and directing a sensitive and stigmatised topic, and have understood the importance of accurate representation of important topics in media.”

WSPost-BBIS-Personal Projects-sneha WSPost-BBIS-Personal Projects-sneha Personal Projects 2024

“I created a sustainable skincare product specifically designed to be used on the International Space Station. The moisturizer uses all natural/environmentally-friendly ingredients which make it sustainable. It targets some of the main problems astronauts face on the ISS such as rapid aging of the skin, hypersensitivity, and the degradation of the skin barrier. I developed this product by trying out recipes I found online. This gave me a sense of the format of recipes similar to the one I hoped to develop. In the end, I was able to compile the skills I had learned about how different chemicals work together with the requirements for a moisturizer on the ISS to develop the solid, star shaped, lavender scented, final product.”

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