How Can Boarding School Benefit My Child? Top 6 Academic Benefits of Boarding

We’ve already looked at the many benefits that boarding can offer children (you can see the article here) but what about the specific academic benefits of boarding? As parents our choices in education tend to be based on what is best for the well-being and success (notably academic) of our children and both of these are extremely well supported in boarding life at Rugby School Thailand.

Living at School Means Less Time Commuting, More Time to Study

Many of our boarders come from Bangkok or busy cities in neighbouring countries, where they’ve swapped slow city traffic for a short walk through school grounds. This gives our boarders more time in their day to focus on the things that matter most, such as study, music practice, and exercise.

Dedicated Study Rooms Provide Students the Perfect Place to Focus

Our boarding houses have dedicated study rooms that allow students to spend their spare time putting in extra hours where needed. We respect, and indeed instil, an ethos to work hard… but the House Parents also help the children in their care to strike a good balance of work and play.

Boarding school is a great way for students to expand their horizons and learn new things 329_img1_900x600 Top 6 Academic Benefits of Boarding School | World Schools
Boarding school is a great way for students to expand their horizons and learn new things

Academic Activities Push Students to Expand Their Understanding

Our boarders have evening activities that (particularly in Senior School) are rooted in academics. For example, in the Prep School there may be an engaging maths challenge or quiz of an evening; whereas in Senior School they can select whether to do an activity or dedicate time to study, as we encourage more independence in their choices.

Exposure to Teachers and Tutors Beyond the School Day

Our after school boarding activities are run by teachers and tutors, meaning the children who board with us have more exposure to these academic guides. This allows them to ask questions in their free time and build an even stronger rapport with their teachers, which benefits their classroom work.

Students attending boarding school learn to be independent, mature, and global citizens 329_img3_900x600 Top 6 Academic Benefits of Boarding School | World Schools
Students attending boarding school learn to be independent mature and global citizens

Peer Support and Influence From a Close-knit Community

There’s an exemplary collective ethos towards work amongst our boarders. They all seem to understand what makes a good balance of study and time off, and this can fluctuate according to the time of year, for example when exams are happening. The boarders can just as easily encourage each other to learn, as they can celebrate free time and enjoy playing games with each other, talking, or reading novels.

Emotional Stability and Wellbeing = Confidence and Ability to Focus

One of our key objectives, not just with boarders but for all, is to ensure the emotional stability and well-being of the children at Rugby School Thailand. Our boarding House Parents (Prep) and House Deans (Senior) are experts in pastoral care and support children in the best possible way. With emotional stability and well-being comes happiness, and with happiness comes confidence and an ability to focus. And that’s exactly why our motto is ‘the whole person, the whole point’.

Boarding schools offer a unique work/life balance for students 329_img2_900x600 Top 6 Academic Benefits of Boarding School | World Schools
Boarding schools offer a unique worklife balance for students

Rugby School Thailand is an exceptional boarding and day, co-educational school for 2-18 year olds, recently voted one of the Top 10 Boarding Schools in Asia. For more information, visit our website.

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Rugby School Thailand is an international day and boarding school, whose approach is based upon the world-renowned British private school model, and whose curriculum is drawn from the best of the England & Wales National Curriculum and the UK’s Independent Schools’ Curriculum. It is the first and only school to take the name of its prestigious parent, Rugby School (UK), which was founded 450 years ago and from where the world-famous sport originated.

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