Tips for Parents Choosing an International School

Choosing an international school can be a major life decision. Thankfully there is a major factor shared by all top international schools. So, what is the first thing parents should look for in an international school?

Look for a school that attracts and retains the best teachers.

To deliver high-quality teaching, teachers have to receive high-quality training—not just at the beginning of their careers, but throughout it. Look for a school that supports teachers in developing best practices, knowledge building, and collaboration with colleagues by providing teachers with access to the best professional development opportunities possible.

Nord Anglia schools have access to a system called The Nord Anglia University (NAU) which supports their professional development. The latest version of NAU has been improved to make learning material even more bespoke for teachers. At the center of this is a new AI function that personalises the learning experience to suit every teacher.

“This year we have had a record number of teachers enroll in tutored courses and students are reaping the rewards of this in the classroom.” Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning, Continuous Professional Learning and PE Teacher in Secondary, Regents International School Pattaya.

Through continually providing refreshed, relevant content and opportunities to teachers that acknowledges the changing nature of modern teaching. From new ways to approaching subjects, to upskilling teachers in the advanced digital technology used for remote teaching, courses should center on the rounded skill sets required for delivering excellence in education.

Look for a school that equips teachers with the skills they need to excel.

The Executive Masters in International Education is just one of the well-established programmes teachers can access through our Nord Anglia school professional development programmes.

“The Masters in International Education from Kings College London is furthering my understanding of international schools whilst developing my research and analytical skills.” Assistant Head of Primary (Years 2-4) / French Teacher, Regents International School Pattaya.

When choosing an international school, look for a school that treats their teachers well 489_img1_Regents-Pattaya-Tips-for-choosing-international-school Tips for Parents Choosing an International School
When choosing an international school look for a school that treats their teachers well

To learn more about a school that believes in and supports the professional development of its teachers to ensure the best learning experience for our students contact to book a personalised Virtual Discovery Meeting.

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