This Year at TASIS: 2023

As we turn the calendar to 2024, we offer a look back at some of the many highlights from another great year at TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-1 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-1 This Year at TASIS: 2023

On Finding and Following One’s Passion
The TASIS Class of 1997 Valedictorian and a Stanford graduate, Ms. Veronika Mühlhofer—who has more than two decades of experience in international sports and event management and is currently the Venue Press Operations Manager for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris—shared her impressive journey with High School students over the course of a two-day TASIS Speaker Series visit in January.

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Simple, but Not Easy: The Ingredients of a School
In January, Headmaster Christopher Nikoloff penned an essay on the lofty elements that made up Founder M. Crist Fleming’s famous recipe for a school and how our community still aspires to them each and every day.

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Model UN Team Excels at First THIMUN Conference Since 2020
Sixteen High School students represented the nation of Eswatini at the four-day conference in The Hague in late January and delivered a very strong performance, passing two resolutions as main submitter, 15 resolutions as co-submitter, and five amendments. Sakura Tanaka ’24 wrote about the experience.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-4 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-4 This Year at TASIS: 2023

70 Nations Represented in TASIS Parade of Flags
TASIS kicked off International Week on the morning of February 13 with a wonderful Opening Ceremony that included a Parade of Flags, the presentation of Torch Awards, two musical performances, and more.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-5 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-5 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Four Lessons for Four Characters
Alex Gabriel ’23, who acted in all four major High School theater productions during her two years at TASIS, reflected upon what she learned from each role and shared how much the theater community meant to her.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-6 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-6 This Year at TASIS: 2023

On Crossroads, the Mirror Check, and Living a Worthwhile Life
Highly decorated combat fighter pilot and bestselling author Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton delivered an engaging keynote address and visited a number of classrooms over the course of a three-day visit in March as part of the TASIS Speaker Series.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-7 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-7 This Year at TASIS: 2023

All-Class Reunion in Los Angeles
More than 90 TASIS alumni spanning six decades gathered at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles on March 24 to enjoy one another’s company and reminisce about their magical days in Lugano.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-8 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-8 This Year at TASIS: 2023

High School Theater Presents Unforgettable Show
Director Julie Frazier-Smith and the TASIS High School Theater Company delivered four outstanding performances of Mary Poppins JR in March.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-9 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-9 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Skiers and Snowboarders Battle for 2023 Fleming Cup
More than 50 High School students competed in the Fleming Cup race in Splügen on March 19, marking the largest turnout since this beloved TASIS tradition was resurrected in 2021.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-10 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-10 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Letters from the Himalayas: Members of the Nepal Global Service Program Group Write Home
After learning about the history of Nepal and the plight of Tibetan refugees in weekly meetings throughout the school year, 13 TASIS High School students and three faculty chaperones traveled to the mountainous nation for two weeks in April. Their insightful letters home paint a picture of a journey that was nothing short of life-changing.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-11 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-11 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Book Week
Our youngest readers had a wonderful time meeting award-winning children’s author and illustrator Jessixa Bagley, wearing book-themed costumes, visiting an on-campus book fair, and much more during the Elementary School’s Book Week in late April.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-13 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-13 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Beat the Bells Run Turns 10
Forty-three members of the TASIS community departed from TASIS at 9:15 on the morning of April 30 with the goal of running to Lake Lugano and back before the bells of Chiesa di Sant’Abbondio chimed at 10:00.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-14 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-14 This Year at TASIS: 2023

TASIS Represents Switzerland at 2023 Vex Robotics World Championship
Mariaurora Rosso ’24, one of three members of the TASIS Robotics Program to make two trips to the world championship, recaps this year’s journey and reflects on what it has meant to see the program reach such lofty heights.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-15 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-15 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Athletes of the Year
Athletic Director Masa Yo hosted the annual Spring Athletic Awards Assembly on the afternoon of May 15.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-16 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-16 This Year at TASIS: 2023

TASIS Cum Laude Society Chapter Welcomes Six New Members
In recognition of their exceptional scholastic achievements, six students from the Class of 2024 were inducted to the TASIS Cum Laude Society chapter. Established in 2017, the TASIS chapter now totals 53 members.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-17 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-17 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Junior Award Recipients
Each spring the TASIS High School Faculty recognizes three students in grade 11 who have compiled an exemplary service record.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-18 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-18 This Year at TASIS: 2023

TASIS Artists Shine at Spring Arts Festival
The 2023 festival included two musicals, a piano recital, a visual art exhibition, and a spectacular performing arts showcase at Palazzo dei Congressi that involved more than 150 singers, players, actors, and dancers from the TASIS community.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-19 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-19 This Year at TASIS: 2023

The Class of 2023 Looks Back Before Moving On
Highlights from the Senior Banquet included inspiring speeches from five members of the Class of 2023, poignant remarks from Headmaster Christopher Nikoloff, and an excellent musical performance.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-20 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-20 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Presenting the Outstanding Class of 2023
The 67th TASIS Commencement Ceremony was held in the Palestra on the morning of May 27.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-21 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-21 This Year at TASIS: 2023Graduation Awards
Fourteen members of the Class of 2023 earned special recognition at the Commencement Ceremony.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-22 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-22 This Year at TASIS: 2023

185 Offers of Admission from 118 Universities
With help from an exceptional faculty and first-rate College Counseling Office, all TASIS students who aimed to attend university in the fall of 2023 successfully found a new home.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-23 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-23 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Middle School Celebrates Eighth-Grade Class
The Middle School’s annual Moving-Up Ceremony was held in the Palmer Cultural Center on the afternoon of June 8 and included student speeches, musical performances, the presentation of awards and diplomas, and more.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-24 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-24 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Elementary School Says Goodbye to Fifth-Grade Class
The Elementary School held its annual Moving-Up Ceremony in the Palmer Cultural Center on the morning of June 9.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-25 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-25 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Holly Wiens Honored as Master Teacher
At an all-faculty meeting on June 9, Headmaster Christopher Nikoloff announced Middle School English Teacher Holly Wiens as the deserving recipient of the 2023 Khan-Page Master Teacher Award.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-26 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-26 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Serving Southern Africa
Seventeen TASIS students and four faculty chaperones traveled to Zambia and Botswana from June 9–22 for the Serving Southern Africa trip, an integral part of the pioneering Opsahl Global Service Program. Vitor Mendes chronicled the action throughout the two-week trip and put together this powerful video.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-27 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-27 This Year at TASIS: 2023

IB Scores Remain More Than Three Points Above World Average
TASIS IB Diploma candidates earned a 100 percent pass rate for the third straight year, with 40 students producing an average score of 33.5 that outpaced the global average by 3.3 points.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-28 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-28 This Year at TASIS: 2023

48 TASIS Students Earn AP Scholar Awards To Establish New School Record
TASIS students took a record 339 Advanced Placement exams this spring and scored a 4 or higher on 49 percent of them.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-29 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-29 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Many Paths to Success
TASIS students achieve their goals in a number of different ways: by earning an IB Diploma, by taking AP courses and scoring highly on the corresponding exams, by performing well on standardized tests, by writing excellent personal statements, and by exhibiting an impressive commitment to a combination of the arts, athletics, local and global service, and leadership positions on or off campus. In short, there are many paths to success at TASIS.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-30 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-30 This Year at TASIS: 2023

A Record-Setting Summer
A record 849 students joined us for the 2023 Summer Programs and enjoyed a wide range of academic offerings, outdoor adventures, sports, visual and performing arts, extensive travel around Europe, and much more.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-31 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-31 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Two Incredible Summer Arts Festivals
Student artists closed down each session of the 2023 TASIS Summer Programs with a wonderful celebration of the arts.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-32 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-32 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Spectacular Summer Reunions
The TASIS Classes of 1992 and 1993, 2003, 2013, and 2018 returned to campus this summer for milestone reunions.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-33 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-33 This Year at TASIS: 2023

15 New Faculty Members
Dynamic educators who joined the TASIS community for the 2023–2024 academic year.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-34 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-34 This Year at TASIS: 2023

2023–2024 Academic Year Opens With a Record 768 Students from 67 Nations
For the second consecutive year, TASIS began a new academic year with record enrollment.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-35 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-35 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Doyle Auction Raises $615,000 for MacDermid Endowment Fund for the Fine and Performing Arts
The auction of the property of the estate of Donald D. MacDermid ’61 run by Doyle in New York on September 13 was a huge success, raising $615,000 for the MacDermid Endowment Fund for the TASIS Fine and Performing Arts.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-36 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-36 This Year at TASIS: 2023

The True Meaning of a Global Service Trip
Sarah Wexler Brodie ’24 wrote about how her Opsahl Global Service Program trip to Nepal left her forever changed.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-37 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-37 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Eminent Theoretical Physicist and Author Speaks to Seniors
As part of the TASIS Speaker Series, Professor Carlo Rovelli discussed his background and career path with the senior class in the Palmer Center on the evening of October 3 and then graciously answered the many questions his audience had.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-38 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-38 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Families Visit Campus, Celebrate Life of Founder M. Crist Fleming
Middle School and High School parents came to campus on October 5 to attend classes with their children and watch a beautiful assembly that celebrated the incomparable life of TASIS founder and international education pioneer M. Crist Fleming. Later in the evening they enjoyed an elegant Family Weekend event at Villa Principe Leopoldo that was organized by the TASIS Parent Association.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-39 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-39 This Year at TASIS: 2023

The Next Stage of the TASIS Global Village: Collina Alta
At the Family Weekend event at Villa Principe Leopoldo, Director of Institutional Advancement Bill Eichner unveiled a state-of-the art video that shows the exciting future of the TASIS campus and discussed the next phase of the Global Village Building Campaign.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-40 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-40 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Why We All Need More Wonder in Our Lives
New York Times best-selling author Aimee Nezhukumatathil addressed the senior class, visited English literature and dance classes, and sat down for an engaging interview with Anna Batyreva ’24 over the course of her two-day TASIS Speaker Series visit on October 10–11.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-41 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-41 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Commemorating 10 Years of the Opsahl Global Service Program
TASIS students, teachers, administrators, and members of the Board of Directors gathered in the Villa De Nobili Salon on the evening of October 19 to honor Jan Opsahl and celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Global Service Program that he made possible.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-42 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-42 This Year at TASIS: 2023

First-Rate Faculty
Faculty excellence is the core of the TASIS experience. In October, TASIS student writers had the opportunity to interview faculty members of their choice and add their stories to a growing collection of Faculty Features.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-43 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-43 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Fall Academic Travel
Over the course of this fall, the unique TASIS Academic Travel Program has provided High School and Middle School students the opportunity to learn and explore in Austria (Baad and Vienna), France (Normandy and Paris), Germany (Berlin), Greece (Athens), Italy (Cinque Terre, Florence, Lucca, Piemonte, Puglia, Rome, Sardinia, Sicily, Torino, and Venice), Malta (Mdina), Spain (Madrid), and Switzerland (Geneva, Gstaad, Leysin, Zermatt, Zurich, and various alpine huts throughout Ticino).

During the major Fall Academic Travel session in early November, in which the vast majority of students and faculty members went on a trip, High School student writers served as photojournalists and compiled top-10 lists to chronicle their journeys.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-44 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-44 This Year at TASIS: 2023

University Fair Features Visits from 53 Schools
Led by the College Counseling Office, the second annual TASIS University Fair provided students and parents the opportunity to speak to admissions representatives of 53 schools from eight different nations.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-45 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-45 This Year at TASIS: 2023

All-Class Reunion in New York
More than 200 TASIS alumni and friends enjoyed a fabulous evening at the elegant Yale Club in New York City on November 17.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-46 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-46 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Theater Excellence
The High School Fall Play premiered on the evening of November 17 in a packed Palmer Cultural Center.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-47 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-47 This Year at TASIS: 2023

The Art of Listening
A managing partner at Forward Global, John Procter ’98—who has spent the past 23 years advising global leaders on brand management and crisis communications—visited campus for two days in November as part of the TASIS Speaker Series.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-48 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-48 This Year at TASIS: 2023

Sweet November Dance Company Presents World of Wonders
Dancers and actors from the TASIS High School, Middle School, Elementary School, and Faculty delivered an amazing performance in front of a packed house in the Palmer Cultural Center on the evening of November 22.

WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-49 WSGallery-TASIS-2023-Recap-49 This Year at TASIS: 2023

The Holidays at TASIS
The final few weeks of school before the winter holiday were packed with musical performances, holiday celebrations, and a number of community-building events organized by the tireless TASIS Parent Association.

2023-in-photos-tasis 2023-in-photos-tasis This Year at TASIS: 2023

2023 in Photos
Enjoy a different look back at the past 12 months at TASIS.


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