This Month at TASIS: May 2024

From the Spring Arts Festival and TPA Spring Gala to Senior Prom and Graduation, we offer a photo-driven look at a very busy month at TASIS.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-1 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-1 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Oh, the Places You’ll Go
On May 3, a group of seniors and High School faculty dressed in university attire to celebrate their future plans (and alma maters).

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-2 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-2 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Out and About
On May 3, Elementary School students spent a wonderful day off campus exploring a number of exciting destinations around Ticino and northern Italy. The students and faculty chaperones visited Isole di Brissago (grade 5), Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina (grade 4), Museo dei fossili in Meride (grade 3), Parco San Grato in Carona (grade 2), the Safari Park in Varallo Pombia (grade 1), Swiss Miniature in Melide (Kindergarten), and Zoo al Maglio in Magliaso (Pre-Kindergarten).WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-3 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-3 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Dazzling Musical
Middle School students put on two outstanding performances of The Music Man JR. in the Palmer Cultural Center over the weekend of May 3.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-4 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-4 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Adventure Bound
On May 4–5, six Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award candidates successfully completed their official Qualifying Journey in Lucomagno in pursuit of their Bronze Awards.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-5 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-5 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Camping in Paradise
More than 30 High School students spent May 3–5 on an introduction to camping Academic Travel trip to beautiful Cinque Terre.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-6 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-6 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Beat the Bells
Forty-four members of the TASIS community took on the challenging Beat the Bells Run on May 5. The runners departed from campus at 9:15 in the morning with the goal of running to Lake Lugano and back before the bells of Chiesa di Sant’Abbondio rang at 10:00.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-7 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-7 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Scholastic Superstars
The High School celebrated academic excellence at an assembly on May 6. Four members of the Class of 2025 were inducted to the TASIS Cum Laude Society chapter, five students were recognized with Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards, and many others were celebrated for their consistent effort and high achievement.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-8 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-8 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Demonstrating Their Understanding
International Baccalaureate (IB) students spent much of April and May preparing for their final exams, which they took from April 24–May 17.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-9 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-9 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Putting Their Knowledge to the Test
Advanced Placement (AP) students took their final assessments on May 6–24 after spending the spring cramming for their exams.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-10 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-10 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Dissecting Big Questions
On May 8, en route to answering the question “How do animals heal themselves?”, Middle School students in Dr. Brett Merritt’s Grade 6 Science class dissected chicken wings to learn more about animal anatomy.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-11 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-11 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Athletes of the Year
Athletic Director Masa Yo hosted the annual Spring Athletic Awards Assembly on the afternoon of May 10.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-12 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-12 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Budding Podcasters
Mr. Jacob Rose and Ms. Laura Hand’s 4th-grade students wrote persuasive “This I Believe” essays. With the help of Ms. Melissa Fogal, they turned them into podcasts that they then shared with their parents and teachers on May 10.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-13 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-13 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Sailing the Open Sea
Two groups of High School students and faculty chaperones spent May 9–12 on adventurous Academic Travel trips. A group of intermediate and advanced mountain bikers put their skills to the test in Lumino while the other group learned the basics of sailing in gorgeous Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-14 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-14 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Reaching New Heights
On Saturdays this spring, the Middle School Rock Climbing Club met to tackle the indoor climbing wall at Evolution Climbing Center.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-15 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-15 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Celebrating the Arts
The 2024 Spring Arts Festival kicked off with an exciting Opening Assembly in the Palestra on May 13.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-16 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-16 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Tremendous Theatrics
Students in Mr. Matthew Frazier-Smith’s Middle School drama classes wrote three original plays—A Midwinter Night’s Dream: The Musical!, DaMarcus DaRobot, and Masked Mischief—and performed them for friends and family in the Palmer Center on May 13.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-17 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-17 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Masterful Maestros
Students in Ms. Melody Tibbits Zanecchia’s 5th-grade music classes participated in an Introduction to Conducting Workshop led by Maestro Andrea Cupia on May 14. The students conducted members of the Opera ViVa Orchestra through famous works by Aaron Copland, Maurice Ravel, and George Gershwin.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-18 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-18 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Grand Pianists
On May 14, five of the most accomplished High School pianists from the studio of Ms. Angela Perini beautifully performed classic works from Schubert, Debussy, Moszkowski, Aalampour, Chopin, and Liszt in the Palmer Cultural Center.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-19 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-19 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Talents on Display
Featuring a wide variety of artworks produced by students in all three TASIS divisions, the Visual Art Exhibition was on display in the Palmer Cultural Center on May 16–19. See a 3D rendering of the gallery.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-20 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-20 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Students Become Teachers
Grade 1 students prepared an interactive museum with information about ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. On May 16, they shared their knowledge with Kindergarten students.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-21 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-21 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

TPA Spring Gala a Massive Success
The TPA Spring Gala on May 18 was an evening for the ages! We are extremely grateful to TPA President Jennifer Zanarini, TPA Vice President Prune Clerici, the entire TPA Gala Committee, all of our generous sponsors and donors, our incredible student performers, and the many, many parent volunteers and TASIS employees who worked tirelessly to make the TPA Spring Gala an unforgettable evening that raised more than 4 million francs in support of Collina Alta, the next phase of the TASIS Global Village Building Campaign!

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-22 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-22 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Big Dreams
The 2024 Spring Arts Festival concluded on May 19 with more than 200 students from all three TASIS divisions taking the stage at the RSI Studio in Lugano for Dream, a spectacular performing arts showcase. Watch the performance.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-23 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-23 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Stellar Students
During the week of May 20, Middle School faculty and administration recognized students at three assemblies for their leadership in spring after-school activities, for their devotion to TASIS’s “Magnificent Seven” values, and for their passion and commitment to academics.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-24 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-24 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

The Phoenix Rises
On May 23, High School students in Ms. Tamara Schumacher’s EAL class discussed symbolism in Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-25 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-25 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Senior Prom
Seniors enjoyed an elegant evening at beautiful Castello di Morcote on May 23.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-26 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-26 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Years to Remember
Students from the Class of 2024 gathered in the Palestra on the evening of May 24 to enjoy a delicious dinner and reflect on their time at TASIS. Their families and members of the faculty joined them for an elegant evening that included three senior speeches and many student musical performances.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-27 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-27 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Presenting the Class of 2024
TASIS honored the 120 members of the outstanding Class of 2024 with a beautiful Commencement Ceremony in the Palestra on the morning of May 25.

WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-28 WSPost-ThisMonthatTASIS-28 This Month at TASIS: May 2024

Junior Awards Announced at High School Farewell Assembly
Each spring the High School Faculty selects three students in grade 11 who have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to service and recognizes them with the prestigious Junior Awards, which are announced at the annual High School Farewell Assembly.

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