This Month at TASIS: June 2022

From two beautiful moving-up ceremonies and the conclusion of a successful academic year to a 10-year reunion and the start of the renowned TASIS Summer Programs, we offer a photo-driven look at the past month at TASIS.

 992-img1-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Drawing Inspiration from Campus

Grade 5 students in Ms. Caroline Rossi’s art class found beauty in all corners of the TASIS campus during a sketch crawl on June 6.

 992-img2-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Fun and Games

Kindergarten and grade 1 students enjoyed Field Day games on the main campus on June 7. Organized by Mr. Giorgio Volpi, the recipient of the 2013 Khan-Page Master Teacher Award, the morning was full of friendly competition, sportsmanship, and fun.

 992-img3-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Field Day Warriors

On June 8, students in grades 2–5 joined in on the fun—playing kickball, team tic-tac-toe, and dodgeball  and competing in tug-of-war, sponge races, and kataki.

 992-img4-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Hands-On Learning

To conclude their unit on light, students in Dr. Prash Sinnathamby’s Grade 8 Science class dissected a cow eye on June 8 in the Campo Science Center.

 992-img5-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Huntresses of Erudition

High School students in Mr. Bill Dalton’s AP Language and Composition class performed Edith Warton’s Xingu in the Outdoor Theater on June 8. Adapted for the stage by Thomas Seller and tweaked for a TASIS audience by the class, the short comedy about a ladies’ book club had its audience in stitches.

 992-img6-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Lots to Share

All Elementary School students and faculty, from pre-Kindergarten to grade 5, convened in the Palestrina on June 9 for a Farewell Assembly in which students from each class presented something they learned this year.

 992-img7-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Time to Step Up

During their Moving-up Ceremony on June 9, 8th-grade students took time to reflect on their Middle School years before they collected their certificates and made the leap to High School.

 992-img8-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Always Together

Grade 5 students celebrated their final moments of Elementary School by joining hands and singing “Together” to conclude their Moving-up Ceremony on June 10.

 992-img9-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Master Teacher Announced

Congratulations to the 2022 Khan-Page Master Teacher Award recipient, Federica De Bianchi! Ms. De Bianchi started at TASIS in 2006 and currently teaches in the Middle School Italian Section, where she has successfully “spread her passion and deep knowledge of literature and poetry.”

 992-img10-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

A Year to Celebrate

Members of the TASIS faculty gathered at Lugano’s stunning Moncucchetto vineyard and restaurant on the evening of June 10 to celebrate the conclusion of another successful academic year.

 992-img11-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Thailand: Round 2

Our first-ever Global Service Program trip to Thailand back in April was such a success that we decided to offer a second one right at the start of the summer holiday. A group of 20 High School students and four faculty chaperones arrived in Kanchanaburi on June 11 and spent more than a week working closely with OurLand, a wildlife reserve and education center that focuses on finding solutions to human-elephant conflict.

 992-img12-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

10-Year Reunion

To celebrate their 10-year reunion, more than two dozen members of the Class of 2012 returned to campus on June 17 to revisit their alma mater, reminisce with old friends, and revel in memories of TASIS.

 992-img13-This-month-at-tasis-june-2022 This Month at TASIS: June 2022

Summer Kickoff

Students aged 4–18 returned to campus on June 25 for the start of the 2022 TASIS Summer Programs!

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