This Month at TASIS: January 2021

From the return of students and faculty to skiing outings and preparations for upcoming performing arts events, we take a photo-driven look at the past month at TASIS.

 526-img1-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Welcome Back!

After a well-deserved Winter Holiday, boarding students returned to campus in early January and all students had their first classes of the new year on January 5. 

Students returning from countries on Switzerland’s high-risk list served their 10-day quarantine comfortably at a local hotel and continued their studies remotely until they could safely return to campus for live classroom instruction.

All students—both day and boarding—were required to take a Covid-19 test before classes began. Those who tested positive were moved to an isolation center adjacent to campus until cleared by medical authorities to return. Those affected by contact tracing measures were moved to the hotel for the duration of their quarantine.

Live classes have proceeded throughout the month with a continued emphasis on the three pillars of prevention—wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and practicing good hygiene—and with respect to the latest measures and ordinances in effect in Switzerland.

 526-img2-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Snowy Palms

As flurries fell on the morning of January 6, snow accumulated on the palm tree outside the Del Sole dorm.

 526-img3-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Peer-to-Peer Instruction

Following some independent work on grammar, students in Ms. Laura Fox’s class took turns sharing their findings on the board.

 526-img4-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Welcome to the Jungle Gym

An Elementary School student paused to catch her breath while playing on the jungle gym during recess in the Hadsall Playground (with the iconic Casa Fleming tower in the background).

 526-img5-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

From Page to Stage

Actors in our Theater Arts class have begun rehearsing for this year’s High School Spring Play, Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

 526-img6-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Art as Social Commentary

Middle School students in Ms. Simona Bellini’s art class concluded the first semester with free-choice art projects meant to spark conversation about global issues.

 526-img7-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Scuola Americana

On January 14, the sun rose over Certenago to shine light on the classic school sign. 

 526-img8-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Passing the Test

We received some excellent news in mid-January when we learned that TASIS has officially been re-accredited by both the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). This followed an exhaustive process that included a yearlong self-study and culminated with a virtual visit from evaluation teams representing CIS and NEASC in early November.

 526-img9-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Shooting Hoops

Basketball players under the age of 16 took full advantage of the opportunity to participate in organized athletics by working out with safe drills and shooting exercises on January 19.

 526-img10-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Stepping it Up

Ms. Carol Hinchliff led a hybrid step class for underclassmen on campus and older students via Zoom on January 19.

 526-img11-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Braiding Train

While basking in some January sun, a group of Elementary School students lined up to braid each other’s hair.

 526-img12-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

In the Studio

Middle School students have begun recording their part for a collaborative school song to be shared with the community during International Week this February.

 526-img13-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Interview Prep

On January 22, Ms. Johanna Fishbein, TASIS’s new Director of University and College Counseling, walked a senior through a mock interview in advance of his university meeting later that week.

 526-img14-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021

Weekends on the Mountain

Throughout January, members of our Middle School Ski and Snowboard Club enjoyed several beautiful days on the peaks near Splügen and Savognin.

 526-img15-This-Month-At-TASIS-Jan-2021 This Month at TASIS: January 2021


An unexpected snowsquall didn’t stop our hardy Elementary School students from fitting in their full hour of after-school baseball on January 27.

IB Diploma Seniors Celebrate Milestone

After submitting their Theory of Knowledge papers and 4000-word Extended Essays to the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Organization, members of the TASIS IB Program gathered outside of Casa Fleming on January 28 to celebrate the culmination of many months of hard work by participating in the Jerusalema Dance Challenge, a dance craze with an uplifting beat and playful steps that has spread joy to millions worldwide.

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