Thinking About the Future: University Advising at LAS

Leysin American School takes pride in our university advising program. Our advisors work hard to help students find the perfect fit for their future plans.

At Leysin American School in Switzerland, we believe that university applications are about finding the perfect fit for each student rather than winning a prize. Our dedicated University Advising team works incredibly hard to ensure that students feel confident and happy with their plans after they depart Leysin American School, whether that means going to university, embarking on a gap year, or entering military service. Our advisors are here to enhance our students’ opportunities for academic success, develop social maturity, and provide the tools students need to research, plan, and prepare for their futures.

In grades 9 and 10, our University Advising program assists students with the transition into high school and aids students in realizing their strengths in order to plan their course of study for the future.

In grade 11, students research post-secondary options and concentrate on achieving good course results. Students get guidance with self-evaluation and are encouraged to focus on their aspirations through weekly attendance in a Student Success course. In addition, students work through the school’s online career and university program, MaiaLearning, which has abundant resources to help students make well-informed choices. Grade 11 students also meet individually with their university advisor to discuss the application process, which includes selecting countries and universities they are interested in and advising on application essays and personal statements.

During grade 12, students focus on their exams, send off their applications, and participate in their grade-level Student Success course. For many of our grade 12 students, university offers start appearing early in the calendar year. So far, students in the LAS Class of 2023 have received over 60 offers from American universities, over 40 from UK universities, ten from Canadian universities, and many additional offers from other countries, including Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Having a community that is so global allows our students to make connections with other cultures and make lifelong friends around the world.

At LAS, we help students feel prepared for their futures after they leave Leysin. Our University Advising program allows students to discuss their plans with experts and guides them to reflect on their goals and aspirations. Wherever our students end up, they are always a part of our alumni network and are welcome back on our mountain anytime.

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Leysin American School in Switzerland

Leysin American School in Switzerland

Located in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, Leysin American School has a history of nurturing talent and motivating students to succeed in education, sports, and the arts. The boarding school bring together students from around the world to create a campus community with a global perspective and a family atmosphere. LAS offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, a comprehensive US university preparatory curriculum, and, for non-native English speakers, an integrated English Language Acquisition (ELA) program.

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