Testimonial of a grade 12 student at MPS

I am Rishi from Zambia. I always wanted to go study in Canada. I had many choices to pick from to and acquire the courses i needed to go to university. I finally decided to go to Merrick Preparatory School. The main reasons to making me choose MPS. Firstly, were my parents. My parents trusted and had so much faith on the school and said that I will be safe where I am going and told me how caring the MPS family is according to what they saw. Personally, I chose MPS in order to meet students from all over the world and learn about the different cultures that we have in this world of ours.

I personally like MPS. Reasons being the environment that is created for the students that leave home and travel thousands of miles leaving their family, friends and loved ones back at home. MPS always made sure that I never missed these things. MPS always made me feel at home and at times even better than home. The MPS staff is so caring. The staff and students share so many different bonds with each other and soon become like family. They would always ensure everyone is happy and always had a smiling face.
My best experiences at MPS were playing sports and free time. Sports brings everyone at MPS together no one is left out everyone is accommodated, and we play like family and learn new ways of playing the same sport. This is also the way the bonds between students are made stronger.

Free time is another experience I like about MPS. During free time students gather around and sit with each other and exchange stories and events of the day like this also share different thoughts on things and therefore make deeper bonds with each other.
I would always suggest a student should go to MPS if they could. As for what I have experienced there any student that will go there will learn how to interact with people from different parts of the world as well make bonds so deep that they will carry them in their hearts wherever they go. MPS is truly a great place to go study and in return the place where you will learn a lot more and make relations that will last forever.

I personally will always remember my MPS family and always miss them, but I will surely visit whenever I have the chance to do so.

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