Techspark Academy Selects an Institut Montana Zugerberg Student

From March 9-10, Techspark Academy collaborated with Google Switzerland to create a cybersecurity weekend for teens to learn about coding, programing and hacking. Techspark Academy selected one of Institut Montana Zugerberg’s bilingual secondary school students, Murat Abdullin to partake in this event.

 51_img1 IMZ student selected for Techspark Academy | World SchoolsTechspark Academy believes that as our world is shaped by science, technology and innovations, early interaction with the latest technology is crucial for students to gain access to the best future possible.

Techspark Academy strives to empower children with an understanding of our digital world by introducing kids to industry-standard software’s and tools used to build apps, websites or games, robotics and much more. This also includes workshops which you can read here to further learn about the details of the workshop held with Google.

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