Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Best Summer Camps in Europe

Europe is a continent that is relatively small but with many independent countries. With its momentous history, cutting-edge culture, and…

28 Sep 2018

Summer Camp

Best Summer Camps in Switzerland

Summer Camps are very popular in Switzerland. Discover our selection of the Best Summer Camps in Switzerland. The well established…

10 Sep 2018

Summer Camp

Programming Courses 2018: Introducing the Digital Skills Course for Kids #LyceumAlpinumSPOTLIGHT

If the digital talk hasn’t scared you off yet, then this opportunity might be perfect for you. A brand-new highlight…

30 Apr 2018

Summer Camp

Summer Camps in Switzerland at Institut Montana: “Learn. Grow. Move. Meet.”

Imagine a warm Summer Evening with a picture-perfect Sunset high above the beautiful Lake of Zug. This is the scenery…

20 Apr 2018

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