Success for the 2020 BISP Graduating Class

2020 is a unique time in the world and British International School, Phuket (BISP) students rose to the challenges and disappointments of not being able to sit for the May 2020 examinations or have the usual celebrations. Despite all of this, the class of 2020 has delivered some excellent IB results!

The graduating class outperformed the global average of 29.9 points with an average of 35 points. 80% of our cohort scored above the world average.

The world mean grade for subjects was 4.80 and the BISP mean grade was 5.54.

BISP Graduating Class of 2020

With 85664 students in the world taking the IB Diploma, the world pass rate was 79.1%, with the BISP pass rate at 98%.

33% of our students undertook a Bilingual Diploma meaning that they studied two A languages, and all of them succeeded in obtaining the Bilingual Diploma.

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