St. Peter’s School – A Step Beyond in Education

St Peter’s School is a revolutionary educational institution located in Barcelona that emphasizes the integration of science, technology, and humanism in its curriculum. The school aims to prepare students for the future by incorporating the latest technologies and scientific advances into its classrooms, including topics such as blockchain and GPT-3.5.

Science Lab 06

One of the standout features of St Peter’s School is its Science Lab 06, which is the first laboratory for children ages 0-6 and encourages scientific curiosity from a young age.

Futures Literacy

The school also emphasizes the importance of “Futures Literacy,” a set of skills that help students detect and understand the signs of change in the present, so that they can influence and shape the future. One of the international institutions that has emphasized the importance of futures literacy for future generations is UNESCO. You can watch here one of the activities organized with the Year 5 students in order to foster these mindset.

The only school in Barcelona with the IB Continuum in English

St Peter’s is the only school in Barcelona that is validated to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum, a methodology based on inquiry and cross-conceptualization.


The school is also collaborating with the Blockchain Centre of Catalonia to certify and validate its students’ portfolios using NFT technology.

In addition to its focus on STEM subjects, St PETER’S also offers a range of innovative projects, including Ália, a collaboration with the CCCB that brings neuroscience and art together in the creation of a comic, and CanSats, microsatellites that are designed and launched by students in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

Young Edgers

The school is also pioneering the concept of “Edgers,” or leaders who are enthusiastic, strategic, pragmatic, and able to work towards a vision of the future. Here is a video of how the school is working with their young edgers.

Open Innovation Committee (OIC)

St Peter’s School places a strong emphasis on innovation in its curriculum and regularly incorporates the perspectives and insights of experts from various fields, including science, technology, economics, and the humanities. To further this goal, the school has established an Innovation Committee, which meets regularly to provide ideas and advice on improving the educational curriculum. The committee plays a vital role in helping St Peter’s stay at the forefront of educational innovation and prepare its students for the future.

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St Peter s School Barcelona

St Peter s School Barcelona

St. Peter’s school is the only school in Barcelona with the IB Continuum taught in English. We offer the three International Baccalaureate programmes: Early and Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programme. St. Peter's is the only school with a Science Lab for Early Years, the first centre that has introduced subjects such as blockchain, nanoscience, neuroscience and artificial intelligence in their curriculum. It has a strong focus on Science, Technology, Critical Thinking and Change Making. St. Peter's has been ranked as the best school in Spain by the prestigious magazine Forbes.

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