Sports lessons hit the slopes at Préfleuri!

This winter saw an enormous amount of snow in our beautiful ski resort, and the Préfleuri students took full advantage of sunny days and fresh powder.

Each child had the opportunity to ski two afternoons per week with qualified ski instructors working towards levels in the Swiss Snow League. At the end of term we celebrated our students skiing achievements during our winter award ceremony.

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Préfleuri International Alpine School

Préfleuri International Alpine School

Préfleuri is an exclusive international boarding school in the Swiss Alps that caters for children from 3 to 13 years of age. Since 1948, Préfleuri has been a loving home to many children, giving them the very best in education and sports as well life ethics. Préfleuri still upholds a strong tradition of care and education for children from all over the world. Préfleuri teaches children to think independently, deeply and creatively, and is fully engaged in the new world society that is being born.

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