Our Journey to Become an Eco-School

BBIS is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized as an ‘Umweltschule in Europa – Internationale Nachhaltigkeitsschule’ by the prestigious ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelterziehung’ (German Society for Environmental Education). An independent jury carefully reviewed our documentation and acknowledged our special achievements in developing sustainability processes on and off our school premises. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to environmental education and making a positive impact on the world.

It all started with Day Zero in September 2021. Our school community came together for a morning of action. We learned and took action to make an impact on the world around us. It was the day we launched our Eco-Schools project, to help us focus on sustainability education in a purposeful way.

Our Journey to Become an Eco-School - 3 WSGallery-Stonehill-12 Our Journey to Become an Eco-School

The next step was the creation of the Eco Pledge by our Green Team. This initiative was introduced in assemblies and marked a celebration of the first anniversary of the BBIS Green Team at our school. The Eco Pledge is a collective commitment by students and the BBIS team to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives. It serves as a powerful symbol of our shared commitment to the environment.

The Green Team played an active role in engaging our teachers in sustainability efforts. It presented the Eco Pledge to teachers during teacher conferences and emphasised the importance of teachers leading by example. Teachers were asked to submit action plans outlining how they plan to integrate sustainability into their teaching practice and everyday life.

Our-Journey-to-Become-an-Eco-School-2 Our-Journey-to-Become-an-Eco-School-2 Our Journey to Become an Eco-School


As part of the accreditation process to become an Eco-School we have focused our efforts on Waste and Biodiversity.

  • Our waste management initiatives are extensive and involve students, staff, parents and the local community. Here are some of our initiatives:
  • Educating the BBIS community about the importance of waste reduction and proper disposal
  • Green Team explainer video on how to use the different bins for waste separation correctly
  • Introduction of deposit collection containers on our campus
  • Organisation of a clothes swap campaign organised under the name “Fashion for Futures”
  • Students were encouraged to donate their old PE uniforms for reuse within the community
  • Day Zero was also the day students, parents and staff came together to collect rubbish on and off campus
  • Informative posters were created which explained which materials should be placed in our garbage bins

Here is an overview of some of our initiatives around biodiversity:

  • Management of our school garden with focus on organic gardening and the establishment of new plant areas
  • Interdisciplinary units on the topic of biodiversity throughout the Primary School
  • Regular forest experiences for our Early Education and Grade 1 students
  • Class excursions to a local farm that practises sustainable horticulture and agriculture
  • The Green Team worked with the Facilities Team to identify grassy areas on our campus that can be left unmowed during the summer months
  • Project days focused on the ecological exploration of the campus by our students and building bird houses and insect hotels

Our-Journey-to-Become-an-Eco-School-1 Our-Journey-to-Become-an-Eco-School-1 Our Journey to Become an Eco-School

The award title ‘Umweltschule in Europa – Internationale Nachhaltigkeitsschule’ is organised by the international environmental education organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), represented in Germany by the German Association for Environmental Education (DGU). Eco-Schools is implemented in 73 countries by FEE member organisations and in 26 countries through international schools.

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