New Building at Prefleuri International Alpine School

Come explore the new building at Prefleuri International Alpine School, full of light-filled classrooms and interactive boards!

After a grueling race against the clock, our students were finally able to take an exciting journey on September 7th. Following their ‘secret’ corridor and climbing up what we now call the beautiful staircase, they arrived at platform 9 3/4 with surprise! Much to everyone’s delight was this new building full of light-filled classrooms equipped with interactive boards ready for learning. It truly is a special day at Prefleuri International Alpine School as it officially opens its doors wide open! Here is the timeline this happened:

  1. March 1-September 6: It was a marathon, like any sporting event, we persevered, held the bar in order to meet the deadlines.
  2. Then, on September 7, our students took a corridor already called “secret”, they climbed a beautiful staircase and at the top of the platform, they discovered their classes.
  3. What a joy for our students and our teachers to discover these new classes, spacious, sunny and equipped with interactive boards.

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