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Model United Nations, commonly referred to as Model UN or MUN, serves as a student-led extra-curricular activity at BBIS. Here, students take on the roles of United Nations delegates, engaging in simulated UN committees. The aim is to provide students with insights into diplomacy, international relations, and the functioning of the United Nations, while also helping them develop practical skills like research, debate, and conflict resolution.

mun at bbis mun at bbis Model United Nations at BBIS

Recently, thirteen BBIS students from Grades 8 to 12 actively participated in the Berlin Model United Nations Conference, a four-day event that brought together representatives from 25 schools across the globe. The conference’s central theme, “Sustainability in a Capitalist World,” spurred engaging discussions, with BBIS delegates representing the roles of the USA and, additionally, South Africa.

The conference offered students the chance to network, and it featured distinguished guest speakers, including former Federal President of Germany, Dr. Horst Köhler, and the current Secretary of State in the German Federal Chancellery, Dr. Jörg Kukies. They shared their knowledge and expertise in the field.

Throughout the event, BBIS students demonstrated their engagement with thought-provoking questions, well-prepared arguments during the debates and their commitment to fairness. Their active participation reflected BBIS’s commitment to developing informed global citizens and fostering skills in diplomacy and international awareness.


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