News from Schools January 22, 2020

Making a dress with only 30 Euro

The students of our fashion guild were provided with a new challenge: they received a budget of 30€ and had to make a piece of garment for themselves within this budget.

Creativity was required as they could decide what kind of garment they would like to make and what design they would like to realize. They made sketches and drawings to visualize their piece of clothing.

The next step was to apply their mathematical skills when measuring and making their sewing patterns. Once the sewing patterns were finished, they visited a fabric store. It was a difficult process to make a choice between all the different kinds of fabric the store offered.

The extra challenge was that they had to stick to their budget. So some of the girls were clever enough to make deals with boys. As some of the boys were just making a sweater and thus didn’t need too much fabric and spent less than 30€, the girls received the rest of their budget, allowing them to buy enough fabric for the dress they had in mind.

Finally, the sewing started and the theory could be put into practice. The kids were very proud of the progress they were making and said that they learned a lot in the process.

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