Looking back at an extraordinary summer programme at Institut Montana Zugerberg

Summer Sessions 2022 at Institut Montana took place during the last two weeks of July with 52 students attending from 30 countries. All campers lived in our beautiful Felsenegg building, one of the school historical dormitories, overlooking the lake of Zug and enjoyed the beautiful natural surroundings of Zugerberg, international atmosphere and a full programme of language learning, workshops, sports, and fun excursions.

Language Classes

Mornings at the Summer Sessions were dedicated to German or English language classes, where the students worked hard on improving their grammar and communication skills. The versatile programme included quizzes, songs, debates and filming movie parodies.

 1053-img1-Looking-back-at-an-extraordinary-summer-programme-at-institut-montana-zurgerberg Looking back at an extraordinary summer programme at Institut Montana Zugerberg

Afternoon Activities

Afternoons at the Summer Sessions were dedicated to various workshops in art, science, technology, sports, business, and leadership. Students learned a variety of new skills from creating their own websites to making ice cream using nitrogen liquid. During art classes, they experimented with different art styles and even created graffiti at the end of camp.  

Special Projects with industry leaders

Radio workshop – the first of its kind 

The highlight of this year was a radio workshop led by Institut Montana prominent alumnus and famous US radio host Cary Harrison, whose show airs on FM radio stations in LA. Students learned a lot about Media broadcasting from its history to full audio and video production, effective communication, fact-checking, and the art of asking compelling questions during interviews. 

 1053-img2-Looking-back-at-an-extraordinary-summer-programme-at-institut-montana-zurgerberg Looking back at an extraordinary summer programme at Institut Montana Zugerberg

Some of the shows recorded by Harrison during camp were broadcasted on his LA radio station on 6 September, thus sharing the international voices of the students across the ocean. 

The students saw themselves on several newspapers including Luzerner Zeitung  and Zugerzeitung.

Movie workshop

Another highlight was a visit of Institut Montana alumna and an awarded movie director Fariba Buchheim. Some students assisted her by using professional equipment behind the scenes to film their own commercial movie. The others chose to exercise their acting skills instead. 

 1053-img3-Looking-back-at-an-extraordinary-summer-programme-at-institut-montana-zurgerberg Looking back at an extraordinary summer programme at Institut Montana Zugerberg

Follow this link to enjoy the results of our movie directing workshop including our students part of the radio workshop.


The experience was rounded by weekly excursions and weekend adventures. The highlights included visiting mountain Pilatus, indoor skydiving, a waterpark and of course a visit to a chocolate factory.

My Place to Grow

Four pillars describe Summer Sessions at Institut Montana: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be. Summer camp is designed to inspire children to grow into well-rounded individuals ready to tackle the rapidly changing world of today.

 1053-img4-Looking-back-at-an-extraordinary-summer-programme-at-institut-montana-zurgerberg Looking back at an extraordinary summer programme at Institut Montana Zugerberg

Teachers and mentors at Summer Sessions encourage a global perspective, open-mindedness, and compassion. They do it in the firm belief that each child is unique and, with the right care, inspiration, and encouragement to seek new experiences, he or she can start to discover their future path through life.

Contact our Summer Team to learn more about the importance of a summer camp experience for students at Institut Montana.

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