Leadership Symposium, Brussels, Belgium 2024

Our students had the privilege of embarking on an eight-day educational symposium in Brussels, Belgium, an experience enriched by the diversity of cultures and the unity of purpose. The symposium served as a dynamic platform for exploring the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Number 5 – Gender Equality. Through a series of workshops, our students delved into critical topics such as leadership, communication, and social justice. These sessions provided insights and perspectives that went beyond traditional learning environments, highlighting the significance of gender equality in today’s global landscape.

Moreover, this trip offered an exceptional opportunity for team-building exercises with peers from South Africa, Belgium, China, Germany, and the United States. These interactions were not just about enhancing teamwork skills; they were a bridge to fostering international understanding and respect among students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

girls-ptis girls-ptis Leadership Symposium, Brussels, Belgium 2024

A highlight of the trip was the extended workshop on the Theater of the Oppressed, which offered our students a unique lens to view and address social issues. Their learning journey continued at the House of European History, where they gained insights into European history, enriching their understanding of the continent’s diverse narratives. A visit to a chocolate factory provided a delightful exploration of the Low Countries’ culture, blending historical learning with sensory experiences.

Our students will extend their learning at Prem through projects inspired by their experiences in Brussels. These projects are a continuation of their commitment to understanding and advocating for gender equality and social justice, principles that are central to the Prem goals of inclusion, diversity, and inter-cultural understanding. This trip was a testament to our students’ ability to learn, adapt, and contribute meaningfully to discussions of global significance, preparing them to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, and caring citizens of the world.

Mayada Bayomi, English as Additional Language Coordinator and
Jeff Lowman, Geography, Theory Of Knowledge Teacher

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