News from Schools November 30, 2018

Language Perfect Northern Championships 2018 Results!

The Language Perfect Northern Championships 2018 have come and gone, and with them, the drama and excitement have subsided. Now the points can be analysed and the awards handed out; the statistics from BISP’s involvement this year are staggering. A lot of vocabulary learning and fun has been had.

BISP students won 6 of the 145 Emerald awards awarded globally – a fantastic achievement!

During the week-long competition, 476 British International School, Phuket students in both the Primary and secondary schools answered amazing 532,387 questions (yes! that’s over HALF A MILLION!). Overall, 147 Awards were won by BISP compared to 50 last year. This represents a fantastic 194% increase in the total number of awards won by our students.
The breakdown is as follows…

73 Credit Awards were won (compared to 30 last year), 49 Bronze Awards (15 last year), 10 Silver Awards (0 last year), 10 Gold Awards (5 last year) and 6 Emerald Awards (0 last year).

Here are some other outstanding facts and figures:

BISP finished:

6th globally for all languages out of 151 schools

2nd globally for all languages against schools of similar size out of 34 schools

4th globally for SPANISH out of 115 schools


6th globally for ESOL/EAL out of 27 schools

9th globally for MANDARIN out of 88 schools

18th globally for FRENCH out of 134 schools


1st globally for ESOL/EAL against schools of similar size out of 9 schools

2nd globally for SPANISH against schools of similar size out of 29 schools

3rd globally for MANDARIN against schools of similar size out of 24 schools (see attachment)

5th globally for FRENCH against schools of similar size out of 34 schools (see attachment)


This year, for the first time, there was a worldwide class competition and some of our classes ranked extremely highly in the world.
There were 3,273 classes competing worldwide in this category and BISP’s best results were:
  • Mr. Wilson’s Year 5 Spanish class finished 17th
  • Mr. Greene‘s Year 7 Spanish class finished 22nd
  • Ms. Tasker’s Year 9 Spanish class finished 24th
  • Mr. Greene‘s Year 11 Spanish class finished 29th
  • Mr. Greene‘s Year 12 Spanish Ab initio class finished 35th
  • Mr. Greene‘s Year 4 Spanish class finished 36th
  • Mr. Preen’s Year 9 EAL HL class finished 36th (in EAL category)

Congratulations to all our students who took part (from Year 3 to Year 13). Many of them are looking forward to the next Championships already, which will take place in May 2019.

On an individual basis, there were over 22,000 competitors worldwide. Tania placed 11th and Eddy 60th globally in Mandarin. Amelia came 36th in Spanish with her brother, Damien, finished 42nd. Also in Spanish, Pierluigi in Year 12 finished 50th globally in Spanish and Ilyan in Year 11 was 51st. Our students won 6 of the 145 Emerald awards awarded globally – a fantastic achievement!
A big “thank you” to the teachers from the Modern Languages Department who helped organise the running of the competition during their classes and for sorting out many of the admin tasks.


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