JIS A Level Student Accepted to Cambridge University

Maya Roy Prabakharan is celebrating earning a place at the University of Cambridge to read Engineering. Two years of diligent hard work have been rewarded by her achieving 4 A* grades in her A Levels. Maya joined Jerudong International School (JIS) in Nursery and two years ago achieved 11 A* grades at IGCSE. Maya will follow in the footsteps of other JIS alumni, notably Ellis Turton who joined Cambridge in August 2019, Haeram Jalees, who graduated in Law in June 2020, and Bruneian Jasmin Thien (who also graduated in June 2020).

A Level Success, Despite Unique Challenges

The final A Level examinations were seriously impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the students of Jerudong International School who have diligently studied over the last two years have seen their efforts rewarded despite these most challenging times. In total, 100 students completed their A Level studies. Of the grades awarded, 39.8% were Grade A*-A and 63% were Grades A*-B. 10 students were given 4 A* or A grades; 14 students were given 3 A* or A grades.

Fifteen A Level students are heading to Russell Group Universities. These include Zuhairah AHMAD (Orthoptics) and Louis MALIK (Architecture) both at Sheffield University. Thomas CONWAY (Veterinary Medicine) heads to the University of Nottingham. Alif FAHSA (Computer Science) will be at the University of Leeds. Muhammad HIPNI (Economics) at the University of Southampton. Ahza JUFRI (Civil Engineering) and Bryant KUA (Computer Science) – both at Newcastle University. Riley LARKINS will study Environmental Science at University of York. Joining Queen Mary University of London is Aliza NAFEES to study International Relations. Syafiq SOFIAN will study Computer Science at the University of Warwick and Hana SUFRI (Dentistry) at Queen’s University Belfast. Bazilah MAIDIN will study Law at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

A number of the graduating A Level students were the recipients of prestigious Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) or Ministry Of Education (MOE) Scholarships to study in JIS. Aqilah MOHAMMAD NORAZMI (MORA Scholar), will study Chemistry and Maths at the University College London (UCL), a Russell Group University. Aqilah MAT DANI (MORA Scholar) is going to the University of Nottingham to study Mathematics. Alya NORARFAN (MORA Scholar) will study Medicine at the University of Aberdeen. Alya MD ALI (MORA Scholar), Syakirah Suhaimi (MoE Scholar), Siew Wei HAN (MoE Scholar) and Fateenah Muinuddin CHIN (MOE Scholar) will start studying Medicine at UBD.

Canada has again proved to be a popular University Destination for the graduating JIS A Level students with seven students heading there to study. Sayuni EKANAYAKE (who also achieved an outstanding 4A* grades) and Muskan RAJAJI, who will study at the University of Calgary. Sherin HAMID (Engineering), Kylie NG, and twins Daniel (Mathematics) and David (Mathematics and Computer Science) KUA will all study at The University of British Columbia. Brandon BENSON will study Economics at the University of Toronto, Cho Zaw will study at Lakehead University, Ontario and Shayan SABET will study Nursing at McGill University.

Ilyas MUSIB is heading to study in Australia, University to be confirmed. Farah KHAIROL ASMIEE is holding an offer to study Medicine at Auckland University, New Zealand. Staying in Asia, Shahira SHAHROMEY will study Public Policy and Global Affairs at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore – ranked Number 11 on the QS World University Rankings 2020. Timothy LIM, another high achieving student will study Accounting at a university in Singapore.

Nicholas Sheehan, Principal of JIS, said: “2020 has been an extremely challenging year. Our students were unable to sit for their final examinations in June 2020, but this does not detract from their well deserved achievements. Each grade awarded is a reflection of the hard work that each student put in across the whole A-Level course. We are delighted to celebrate with them that they are heading to the world’s leading Universities. We wish them all the very best and celebrate their resilience and fortitude. We are enormously proud of them”

Twelve JIS Year 12 students also sat for the A Level Maths paper in July 2020, having studied for this exam in one year. Bilal REZA, Rania LIM, Haziq JEFFEREY (MoE Scholar), Ammar MOHIELDIN, Joseph JUNG, Brendan MURPHY, Nicholas NG, Firdaus KHAIRUSSYAKIRIN (MORA Scholar), Rui Ren LEE, Alexander TING, Isabel LOH and Kayla HO all passed with flying colours.

 397_img1_JIS-a-level-student-heads-to-cambridge-university JIS A Level Student Accepted to Cambridge University | World Schools
Students at Jerudong International School Brunei
 397_img2_JIS-a-level-student-heads-to-cambridge-university JIS A Level Student Accepted to Cambridge University | World Schools
Students at Jerudong International School Brunei

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