International Mother Language Day Celebration

International Mother Language Day, established by UNESCO in 1999, serves to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The day is intended to increase awareness about the importance of preserving and promoting mother languages, which are an essential component of an individual’s cultural identity. The occasion also acknowledges the sacrifices made by the Language Movement activists in Bangladesh, who fought for their right to speak their mother tongue.

This year, Prem celebrated International Mother Language Day in a way that honoured students’ right to speak their mother language and their responsibility to explore new ones. In addition to engaging in activities in their own mother languages planned by our amazing parent community, students were given opportunities to explore new languages. This exploration was made possible by the exciting language activities planned by the Senior School students.

WSGallery-Post-International Mother Language Day Celebration-1 WSGallery-Post-International Mother Language Day Celebration-1 International Mother Language Day Celebration

Student involvement and excitement played a key role in the celebration. Middle school and high school students led various fun mother tongue activities at the language booths in the Prem Quad. In addition, senior school students volunteered and read stories to younger children in different languages, resulting in a beautiful experience of culture through language diversity. During the assemblies, students learned about the International Mother Language day, reflected on how Prem celebrates linguistic diversity, shared greetings and sang songs in different languages. The JS Student Council highlighted the connection between language and culture in an informative presentation about Chinese New Year!

International Mother Language Day celebration was a beautiful tribute to the IB commitment to multilingualism and language learning. The engagement of the parent community and student body in this event exemplified the importance of preserving and promoting mother languages for future generations. This would not have been possible without the incredible support of the school’s parent community. The proactive group of parents responded enthusiastically to the call for support and planned language activities that introduced students to new languages and cultures. Thank you!

Mayada Bayomi, English as Additional Language Coordinator and
Tammy Gaysek, MYP/DP English Teacher, Literacy & Mother Tongue Coordinator

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