Institut Montana students end of year art exhibition

In the current school year, four classes of the international school at Institut Montana created their own works of art. They created art masks, comic figures, linocut prints and gouache landscapes. Between 20 and 30 June, the works can be admired in an exhibition at the Z-Galerie in Baar.

Four classes of the international school at Institut Montana have created their own works of art during the current school year. The final works of the pupils, aged between 11 and 14, will be exhibited in the Z-Galerie in Baar at the end of June. On display are works by 42 students from 20 different nations – including five Swiss.

At the centre of the exhibition are 39 individually designed art masks. As part of the project, pupils explored the many possible functions of masks – from protection to entertainment to ritual customs. Pupils found inspiration for their own masks in the mask collection of the Museum Rietberg in Zurich, in favourite series and films or in personal cultural traditions. In addition to modelling and casting masks, pupils experimented with the graphic technique of linocut. Depending on the class level, monochrome linocut prints were created on the themes of “Animals”, “Sea Creatures” and “Optical Art”. Also on display are drawings of their own comic figures and landscape paintings. With the aim of being able to express emotions in landscapes, pupils tinkered in particular with the watercolour technique gouache.

The art projects were accompanied by the Zug artist Ana Azpeitia. In addition to her own artistic activities, the Spanish-born artist teaches at the international school at Institut Montana. For Ana Azpeita, the visual arts are an essential part of education: “In art classes, students learn many important skills: Finding inspiration, questioning ideas and intentions, planning a project and realising it with certain techniques and then presenting the finished project to the public. Even if a student doesn’t pursue a career in the arts, all of these skills are enormously valuable because they can be applied to various professional and personal areas of life.”

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