Inspiring Innovation: Integrating Apple Vision Pro into Experiential Learning at LAS

Apple Vision Pro goggles were released in early February, and the tech world has been very excited about this groundbreaking technology! Leysin American School in Switzerland quickly acquired this cutting-edge device to integrate into the LAS entrepreneurship program. Students are currently exploring business concepts rooted in emerging technologies, and this new product was a fantastic way to learn experientially.

Here at LAS, we place great emphasis on experiential learning. We provide our students with impactful learning opportunities so they can see the practical applications of their studies at work in the real world. We augment traditional classes with classes and events that build on students’ passions and address current global issues, helping them develop fundamental skills in critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork. This application of innovative technology is a prime example of this type of augmented learning that really pushes our students to think creatively and outside the box.

Apple Vision Pro uses existing virtual reality technologies within a headset, introducing what Apple terms “spatial computing.” This strategic move isn’t about reinventing the wheel but rather about carving out a new component in the market and offering a fresh perspective on spatial computing. This new technology provided our students with a valuable case study on Apple’s research, development, and market entry strategies, and it was inspiring for our students to see new technology that has the potential to be used in very innovative ways.

Virtual reality technologies are advancing rapidly, and this innovative technology has created enthusiasm among both the LAS students and faculty—we love trying out this futuristic technology! Here at LAS, we believe that this enthusiasm will pave the way for the introduction of 3D world-building and advanced programming courses.

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro goggles has created a buzz amongst the entrepreneurship students at LAS and has provided an invaluable opportunity for experiential learning. By integrating this cutting-edge technology into our entrepreneurship classes, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to providing students with practical, real-world applications of their studies. Apple Vision Pro represents a significant advancement in virtual reality, offering a new perspective and inspiring our students to think creatively. Through initiatives like this, we continue to push the boundaries of education, encouraging critical thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork skills that will prepare our students for their future endeavors and business ideas!

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Leysin American School in Switzerland

Leysin American School in Switzerland

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