IB DP Art Exhibition 2023

Our Grade 12 Visual Arts students proudly presented their artwork to our community. Over the course of the two-year IB DP Visual Arts programme, students created a body of artwork through a process of reflection and evaluation, that demonstrates a synthesis of skill, media and concept. They have explored ways of communicating through visual and written means and made artistic choices about how to effectively communicate knowledge and understanding.

Our students have developed their artwork around a variety of themes such as ‘identity’, ‘fantasy’, ‘home’, ‘spiritual journey’ and ‘vulnerability’. Each exhibition space displays a selection of up to 11 artworks per student, related to the theme and supported by a written rationale by the artist.

Visitors to the exhibition were delighted by the variety of different art forms and styles and congratulated our Grade 12 students on their excellent work.

“This group of students are resilient, dedicated, and deeply creative young artists. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow in their skills, but more importantly see them develop into thoughtful serious artists.”

– Lindsey Dodge, Secondary School Head of Visual Arts

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BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

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