Huge Diversity at a small school like MPS

It is no secret that Merrick Preparatory School (MPS) has one of the most diverse student populations. Each and every year we keep diversity as our focal point throughout our recruitment process.  Since our founding in 2012 we have had students attend MPS from 38 different nationalities, with that number already growing for next year. This is an impressive number of nationalities for any school, but particularly impressive for MPS as we enroll no more than 60 students per year.

With the successful launch of our grade 9 program last year, we had 7 students in our grade 9 class who were all from different countries! This made for a very exciting experience for each of the students as they were able to learn about each other’s cultures and traditions. Some students even ended up visiting each other in their home countries during school breaks!  

In an increasing global world and economy, understanding different cultures and languages, acceptance of difference, and building networks globally is critical not only for international peace and harmony, but in business and in creating a successful career.  Our students have a unique and distinct advantage given our diversity and their friendships that span the globe.

So, how does MPS attract students from so many different countries to such a small school?  It starts with our Admissions Team, as they play a critical role in the recruitment and selection of students to MPS every year.  Johanna Ziegler, born and raised in Germany and having attend university in Spain, has worked in international education for over 15 years.  Daniel Robles, born and raised in Mexico, has a keen understanding of international markets as an expert in international marketing.  Justin Irwin, born and raised in Canada, has lived and worked in Asia for 15 years before returning to his hometown.  Johanna, Daniel and Justin personify the diversity that MPS upholds.  They live our core values of community, compassion and courage and our mission to graduate students who are globally minded citizens. 

Justin, Johanna and Daniel travel the world each year, and it is not uncommon for them to visit 25 countries in a single year looking for mission appropriate students to join MPS.  Although COVID has temporarily grounded our Admission Team, they remain connected through virtual fairs, webinars and personally connecting with families from around the world through various virtual platforms.

But MPS’s diversity does not just stem from our students and our Admissions Team, it exists in ever aspect of the school.  From our maintenance staff who was a senior news executive, speaks three languages and has traveled the world, to our kitchen staff who are experts in world cuisine, to our cleaning staff who value the wonderful diversity our students bring to our small, safe and beautiful village of Merrickville on the shores Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  And perhaps most importantly, our teachers and residential life staff, who have vast experience working with international students.  Many of our teachers have worked overseas and bring that experience with them to every MPS class.  Lastly, our Headmaster, Kevin Farrell, has worked in International Education for over 25 years. He has travelled extensively around the world and has a deep understanding and appreciation, as all our staff do, for the vibrant and diverse cultures and countries that our students come from.

It is known that people who have travelled and lived overseas connect more readily with a diversity of people, making MPS a perfect home for our students from around the globe.

MPS continues to grow and attract students from all over the world. We strive to provide a distinctly Canadian yet uniquely global experience for our students – and this has made all the difference!  Join MPS now, your success and global education starts here!

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