How to create your own garment

Lyceum-Alpinum-Zuoz-LogoOur IB Visual Arts students were invited to take part in an exciting 3D/Fashion workshop held by fashion and jewellery designer, Matthew Greer.

Matthew’s experience working with big names such as John Galliano and Erickson Beamon was well exploited by our creative talents at the Lyceum Alpinum. With the design brief requiring the students to create a body garment, the tables were quickly covered with a diversity of materials such as sheets of plastic, card, fabric and threads. The sound of whirring sewing machines and electric drills amidst the exciting buzz created a memorable atmosphere. The workshop was purely experimental which allowed our young artists to explore ideas and materials without barriers. The end results reflected a truly super weekend, and great thanks and appreciation goes to Matthew and our students.

Nikki De Marco, Visual Arts teacher
Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

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