Graduation Ceremony – Class of 2023

A milestone achievement in Virtus students’ lives.

It was a pleasure for the whole community of Virtus, The British Sixth Form College, to celebrate last 23rd of June the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2023.

The big day arrived: after so much hard work and such a great effort, graduation was there. Day by day, their students have shown their resilience and determination to pass their exams. This effort undoubtedly has a reward and they wanted to celebrate it with all their families.

Undoubtedly, that was a very special day in the lives of those graduating students, and it was also special for all of the staff who have been involved in their progress and achievements. The camaraderie, friendships they have built, the closeness and affection they have shown towards their teachers and all the team members, and the profound personal growth each of them had achieved in those intense two years (Year 12 and Year 13) fill them with pride.

Education is the driving force behind Virtus, powering their entire machinery. However, that train would not run without the personalization, care, and commitment put forth by their teachers, mentors, and leadership team every day, ensuring that their students grow as individuals and thrive in life.

The Head of the School reminded the students that it was not a farewell, since Virtus, The British Sixth Form College, will always be the home of all of them.

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