Grade 12 Sunset: A Student’s and Teacher’s Perspective

A Student Perspective:

This past Monday, the grade 12s and their teachers held their Senior Sunset event atop Mon Jam, signifying a major turning point in the lives of the students. Just as the Sunrise that happened at the start of the year was meant to open the last chapter in their high school lives, Monday’s Sunset was a way to close the year – and also the entirety of the first 18 years of life for most. There were many tears in people’s eyes as pictures were taken to commemorate the friends they’ve gained along the way, as well as the hardships they have endured.

However, before the G12s were released to continue (or start) their studying streak for the upcoming exams, they all went to See-Paak, which is a family-run outdoor BBQ restaurant. The students and teachers enjoyed a tasty buffet, including some ribs, burgers and much more. A couple even stayed after to enjoy some fun times around the pool table, with hot games between students and staff bringing out many strong emotions. Overall, it is safe to say that everyone had a good time, and enjoyed the nice social break from the pressure of the exams.

Filip Pospíšil
PREM G12 Student

And just like that, another academic year has slipped by and our grade 12 students have finished their last taught lesson at Prem. We began their year in a very similar location watching the sunrise of their last ever first day of school. As a way of marking their final day, we took grade 12 students back to Mon Jam to watch the sun set on this significant day. It was a heartwarming event, and the students were remarkably happy and relaxed considering that their first exams were only two days away. There were many special conversations between the cohort and between the teachers who were also able to attend including teachers Mark, Phil, Tony and Ambika, as well as teachers Abbie and Shaun and our unofficial, yet spectacular, photographers teacher Trisha and our Head of School Rachel.

As teachers, it is always poignant to come to the end of grade 12 and watch the students move forward into the next stage of their lives, but it is also very gratifying. It was particularly gratifying to enjoy the second part of the evening, which was superbly organised by our grade 12 superstar, Filip Pospisil. Post sun-set we gathered for the second part of the evening at See Pak restaurant with some great food, more entertaining conversations and many highly entertaining pool matches. It’s been a privilege to have guided them through these last two years of their schooling. We wish grade 12 the best of luck for the upcoming exams, and look forward to celebrating the grade 12 community at graduation.

Abbie Neall
IB Diploma Coordinator
MYP and DP English Language and Literature Teacher
MA English Literature

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