Grade 10 School Project Wins Prestigious ACAMIS Innovation Award

Grade 10 students from the Robotics and the Global Initiatives Network (GIN) club at Hangzhou International School (HIS) have recently been awarded the prestigious ACAMIS Jim Koerschen Award for Innovation in Schools, with generous funding granted for their Bryophyte Oasis project, an outstanding science initiative.

The Bryophyte Oasis initiative builds upon previous research and prototypes that Grade 10 student Claire developed during her IB Personal Project. It aims to establish a network of self-sustaining urban terrariums that both contribute to indoor air purification and serve as educational tools. GIN Club students have collaborated with the HIS Robotics Club to come up with brilliant, innovative environmental solutions. While cleaning the air, these terrariums are equipped with sensors for monitoring soil moisture, air quality, humidity, and temperature.

And now, thanks to the ACAMIS grant, the Bryophyte Oasis project will receive funding to procure critical materials. Students plan to invest in soil moisture sensors, conductivity sensors, pH sensors, microcontrollers, and self-watering systems that will enhance the project’s functionality and educational value. This way, the initiative can continue to thrive and inspire environmental stewardship within the school community.

HIS student Claire was overjoyed that her humble project has now received such acclaim. “Through researching, inquiring, and even hiking during my IB Personal Project process, I improved my knowledge of environmental sustainability. I realized the importance of maintaining the balance between the urban environment and nature and became deeply passionate about contributing to environmental health. I had no idea my project would lead to an award-winning school initiative… it’s a dream come true!”

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Hangzhou International School HIS

Hangzhou International School HIS

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