Fostering Lifelong Learning by unlearning old habits

We are shaped by various factors that influence our habits and biases, whether they be positive or negative. Our upbringing, the people around us, our environment, media exposure, and personal experiences all contribute to the formation of these patterns.

When it comes to learning, embracing new ideas and perspectives becomes crucial for personal growth, empathy, and embracing diversity. The Global College recognizes the significance of nurturing lifelong learners capable of embracing new ideas, as this fosters success in multicultural and diverse classrooms, prepares students for further academic pursuits, and equips them for diverse careers in various sectors.

The First Step: Acknowledge Old Habits

To embark on the path of unlearning old habits and biases, the initial step is acknowledging their existence. Self-reflection is key in this process, prompting individuals to examine their beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns while contemplating their origins. Evaluating whether these biases align with personal values and contribute positively to growth is the first step in the unlearning process.

Discover New Perspectives

Expanding one’s horizons by learning from diverse perspectives becomes an essential part of challenging and unlearning old habits and biases. This can be achieved by engaging with people from different cultures and belief systems. At The Global College, the experience of connecting with people from different backgrounds is immensely valuable. Actively listening to their stories, experiences, and viewpoints without judgment fosters a broader understanding of the world and challenges preconceived ideas.

Active Listening & Empathy

Practicing empathy and active listening serve as powerful tools in the unlearning journey. Conversations become an opportunity to understand others’ perspectives rather than solely focusing on one’s own. By empathizing and asking open-ended questions while genuinely listening to the answers, we are able to understand new viewpoints.

Stay Curious

A commitment to lifelong learning and an open mindset are vital in unlearning old habits and biases. Maintaining curiosity and seeking out new knowledge and experiences through reading, workshops, seminars, and engaging with individuals possessing diverse perspectives facilitates personal growth and transformation. The partnership with IE University allows students at The Global College to benefit from visits to the campus and attend talks given by leading professors, enriching their learning experiences.

Observe your thoughts and emotions

Mindfulness and self-reflection are very important tools in the process of unlearning. By practicing mindfulness, individuals can observe their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without passing judgment, enabling them to recognize and challenge biases as they emerge. Engaging in regular self-reflection sessions provides an opportunity to analyze actions, motivations, and underlying beliefs, opening space for new habits and patterns.

Step beyond your comfort zone

Embracing the discomfort and challenges that come with unlearning as opportunities for growth is essential. Growth often occurs when we venture beyond our comfort zones, and being open to making mistakes becomes a crucial aspect of the learning journey. Mistakes, in fact, offer valuable learning experiences, and taking accountability for them lays the foundation for continuous improvement.

These are just some examples of how to actively unlearn old habits to acquire new perspectives and continue learning. At The Global College we are seek to nurture a community of lifelong learners, promoting personal growth, empathy and diversity within education and beyond.

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