First Lego League Challenge

First Lego League Challenge is an international robotics and STEM competition which BBIS students take part in as an extra-curricular activity. Its aim is to solve real-world problems through creativity, collaboration and connection.

This year’s theme is RePLAY, which has challenged our students to think of different ways to improve participation in sport and increase overall activity. Our students in Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 have been working since August last year on their innovation projects and competed at the regional competition this month. Both teams were successful in several categories. The BBIbotS won in the category ‘Research’ and the RobotSapiens won in the category ‘Robot Design’.

Total evaluation FLL Challenge 2020/21 – Brandenburg

  • Robot Game: 2nd place BBIbotS, 4th place RobotSapiens
  • Robot Design: 1st place RobotSapiens, 3rd place BBIbotS
  • Core Values: 3rd place BBIbots and RobotSapiens
  • Research: 1st place BBIbots, 2nd placeRobotSapiens
  • Overall rating: 2nd place BBIbots and RobotSapiens

‘BBIbots’ Innovation Project

Team ‘BBIbotS’ has done extensive research and connected with experts in Berlin and beyond to design state-of-the-art hologram glasses that increase motivation and physical activity. Users of the MOTIV8 app can customise their experience and personalise the hologram to meet their needs.

‘RobotSapiens’ Innovation Project

Team ‘RobotSapiens’ developed SAFECYC to reduce the number of cycling accidents. Students investigated 360° ultrasonic detection range, in conjunction with light, sound and haptic technology to alert the cyclist to a potential danger. They have designed a holistic system using Arduino to keep cyclists safe on our roads.

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